The "libtard-hating" Pennsylvania police chief who gained online infamy for his violent and degrading Youtube videos faces a termination hearing tonight. The hearing, which is still underway, was interrupted when a loaded handgun fell from the holster of a Kessler supporter.

The gun didn't discharge, but Kessler's attorney demanded the supporter be removed from the room.

"We're in a very small room. It's made of concrete, if a gun were to be chambered and land on concrete like it just did, someone can be injured," he said.

Mark Kessler has already been suspended indefinitely without pay, but tonight the Gilberton City Council decides his fate.

According to his attorney, the charges against him are "trumped up" in order to fire him for the videos he posted on Youtube. These charges include failing to file mandated crime data, using law enforcement discounts to purchase upgrades for his personal vehicle, destroying city property, and insubordination.

The insubordination charge is for disparaging comments he made about the very council members who will decide his fate tonight.

This post will be updated when the council reaches a final decision on Kessler's fate.