Professional wife and dancing horse stage mom Ann Romney wants you to know that she is not mad at you for not electing that man of hers your President of Everybody. But she is really really really really disappointed that you guys would act this way because she thought she had brought you up better than  this.

According to TPM , Mrs. Romney, the mother of five strapping young lads and grandmother to a rainbow coalition of  grandchildren, is making the rounds on TV promoting the 2012 election documentary film  Mitt: Well That Was A Fucking Waste Of Time And Money, Wasn't It? and she stopped by Fox for some morning chit-chat and a non-caffeinated beverage:

The Romney family postmortem/movie promotion continued Friday with Ann reflecting on Mitt's defeat in the 2012 presidential election.

"I really believe this, you know, we lost, but truly the country lost by not having Mitt as president," Ann said during an interview on Fox News.

Maintaining a grim forced smile that almost completely obscured the white-hot seething rage that she can barely contain and that bubbles and churns beneath the surface like molten lava made up of equal parts bile and mom spit, the wealthy white lady added that "she comes across people all the time who are "still really sad" about the outcome of the 2012 race'" but then she tells the Romney boys, Tagg, Ben, Josh, Craig and Matt to forget about it and to quit pouting all day around the house and to go outside and play in the fresh air but to be back inside for supper before the street lights come on. And don't forget to wash up. And use soap.

Her husband, Mitt Romney,  has admitted that he maybe didn't turn in his best performance:

Mitt said earlier this week that his biggest problem in 2012 "was me and my campaign."

"We made enough mistakes that we take responsibility, I take responsibility for those mistakes, and I wish we could go back and make it better, but time moves on," he said.

And that is why Mitt Romney came in second place , which is better than Ann's ballet horse Rafalca did (28th out of 32) in the Olympics and it is also why you never see or hear about Rafalca anymore. Unless you're a Romney boy and your mom just yelled at you to "use soap".

Ann Romney does not like to lose...