Lizz Winstead joins Raw Story for State of the Union coverage

Tuesday night at 9 pm, comedian Lizz Winstead will join Raw Story columnists Amanda Marcotte and TBogg, publisher Roxanne Cooper, and executive editor Tony Ortega as President Barack Obama appears before both houses of Congress with his annual State of the Union address.

We'll also cover the numerous Republican responses, when the real hilarity begins.

Raw Story will stream the president's address on a page where our live conversation will also appear. In addition, readers can follow along and join the action by using the hashtag #RawSOTU at Twitter.

Lizz was a co-founder of The Daily Show and explained to us in a story a few weeks ago that she uses Twitter to hone her stage act. She's the author of Lizz Free Or Die, which you can learn more about at her website.

[Photo credit: Mindy Tucker]