Mexican judge jails Canadian women for allegedly bombing government office
Undated aerial photograph shows Mexico City [AFP]

A Mexican judge has ordered two Canadian women held for up to 40 days while prosecutors investigate the firebombing of a government office and car dealership, an official said Friday.

The women, both in their 20s, were placed under Mexico's system of "arraigo" detention on Thursday along with a Mexican man.

The three are being investigated for organized crime, aggravated property damage and use of explosives, an official in the attorney general's office said on condition of anonymity.

Authorities say a transport ministry office and a car dealership were hit by a Molotov cocktail in Mexico City late Monday.

The women identified themselves to the authorities as Amelie Rolletier, 26, and Fallon Poisson Rovilier, 20, the official said. But Canadian media have identified them as Amelie Pelletier and Fallon Rouiller Poisson.

Under Mexican law, authorities can hold suspects for up to 40 days without charges, renewable for another 40 days.

[Image via Agence France-Presse]