George Zimmerman, who once shot a young man in Florida just to watch him die, wants you to know that things have not gone so well for him since he got away with stalking and murdering a teenager for being black. He is now homeless and doesn't sleep well, unlike Trayvon Martin who sleeps the quiet dreamless sleep of the dead.

Shall we feel sad for George? Let me think about that for a minute. No.

George has taken time out from his current career of keeping the police busy ticketing him and showing up to keep him from trying to kill wives and girlfriends to sit down with Univision's Ilia Calderón, whom he presumably didn't try to kill afterwards, to tell her that he is homeless and has PTSD.  Does he now get the shakes when he sees black people on the street? No, that malady was already part of psychological make-up before he was out hoodie-hunting if his Florida neighborhood. I think he wakes up screaming because he was this close to not killing Trayvon Martin with his first shot and achieving a kill with one shot is a serious point of pride for all aspiring mall cops.

Here, let George explain his anxiety:

In the interview, Zimmerman repeatedly declines to answer questions about the shooting, citing a still-pending federal civil-rights investigation.

However, he tells Calderón that his first reaction after firing the shot was concern that he had missed.

"I was afraid it had gone through his clothes and that it was going to go... get lost, and, um, you know, go into a house and — because the young man was still talking to me, as I have said. So I thought that it hadn't…affected him, and I got worried, and I said, 'I hope that it hasn't — that the bullet hasn't hit a neighbor,'" Zimmerman says. "But I only knew that the attack stopped."

Maybe he would feel better if someone told him that the  errant shot would have killed a black neighbor.  I bet he would find that soothing.

Zimmerman also briefly admitted to experiencing  a moment of conscience and canceled his plans to participate in a celebrity boxing match calling it "not right" and also probably after he found out he couldn't show up strapped. George also wear a bulletproof vest when he goes out in public (just like a real policeman!) but now, post-murder acquittal, he finds he can't have a "normal life" and he is homeless and has PTSD and is probably friendless and it's just all so very very sad.

Maybe Michael Dunn will be acquitted (because: Florida) and Dunn and Zimmerman can become BFF's and live together in a hobo camp  and trade stories and look out for each other.

It will be just like Of Mice and Men, as performed for the Klan. Or the Florida GOP. Or the NRA....