The top writer on former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain's website compared the LGBT rights movement to the totalitarian race the Borg from the TV science fiction series "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Right Wing Watch reported that in a column on Friday,'s editor in chief Dan Calabrese wrote, "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."

The LGBT rights movement, Calabrese said, "is evil, not because homosexuality is a 'worse sin' than other sins, but because its champions are trying to not only silence but in many cases destroy those who disagree with them."

He was referring to the ouster of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, who resigned his position just days after taking the job. Eich donated to the effort to pass Proposition 8, the California law that denied same-sex couples in the state the right to marry.

Activists and employees at Mozilla -- the company that created the browser Firefox -- demanded that Eich step down.

"To me, @Mozilla is about openness & expression of freedom. I hope to see us have leadership that represents those values in their actions," wrote design researcher Emily Goligosky on Twitter.

Kat Braybrooke, curator and co-design lead at Mozilla, posted:

When Eich did resign, many conservatives reacted with outrage. Former writer Ben Shapiro announced a boycott of Mozilla, angered by the company's caving to liberal threats of a boycott.

Calabrese went on to compare same-sex couples seeking to marry, LGBT people seeking employment protections and other representatives of the LGBT community to "Bolsheviks," "fascists" and said that he opposes equal rights because "homosexual sex is abhorrent in the eyes of God," and asked, "You got a problem with that?"

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