Queen Elizabeth II to address pension and energy reforms in speech before Parliament
In this file photo, Queen Elizabeth II takes her seat during the state opening of Parliament, in London, on May 8, 2013 [AFP]

Pension reform, energy policy and corruption are among the issues expected to feature in the Queen's speech at the state opening of parliament later on Wednesday.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg attempted to highlight the common ground shared by the governing parties, despite a deteriorating relationship.

"We may be two parties, with two different philosophies, but we understand one thing: countries rise when their people rise. So this Queen's speech is unashamedly pro-work, pro-business and pro-aspiration," they said in a statement.

They revealed that the main body the speech will address reforms in pensions, education and welfare.

It was reported that the Queen will announce government plans to give communities the right to take a stake in local renewable energy projects in an attempt to boost alternative energy production.

The plans are designed to counter opposition to similar plans to encourage controversial "fracking" sites.

The Queen will ride to parliament in a brand new state coach that incorporates more than 100 priceless fragments from British history.

[Image via Agence France-Presse]