Successful Florida accountant arrested for holding three women as sex slaves

A successful certified public account in Gainesville, Florida was arrested last week on charges related to his alleged enslavement of three women in his expensive suburban home.

According to police, Timothy Deegan illegally detained the women in a drugged state for months on end, during which time he prostituted them out, videotaped himself raping them and posted the videos online, and had them perform housework in exchange for drugs.

The women met Deegan in 2013 through a website where they offered their services to paying clients. Initially, Deegan recorded the acts he paid them to perform and posted videos of them at various adult sites, but eventually he convinced them to work for him. He would book hotel rooms in their names but take the money they earned, as he preferred to pay them with cocaine.

According to the complaint brought by the three women, Deegan monitored their whereabouts using the global positioning system in their cell phones. If they were at a location he believed they shouldn't be, he would immediately call them and order them to return to his home -- where he also monitored their behavior via a series of hidden cameras he had installed around the house.

Police were first alerted to the situation at the house in December of 2013, when one of the women contacted police and informed them that she had found a video of Deegan raping her while she was rendered unconscious by prescription sleeping pills.

He was arrested on charges of sexual battery and human trafficking.

After he was released on $250,000 bond on the battery charge, the Gainesville-Alachua County Drug Task Force began investigating the women's claim that he paid them in copious amounts of cocaine. Detectives discovered that Deegan had signed the lease for vehicles used in the transportation of illegal drugs, and that the dealers who used the vehicles paid him in cocaine.

He was re-arrested on the drug possession and drug trafficking charges, but was released on his own recognizance.

Deegan is scheduled to appear in court on the human trafficking charges on June 24, 2014.

[Image via Deegan Timothy P CPA's official Facebook page]