Lawmaker scolds Geraldo Rivera: We need media to stop 'inciting' Baltimore protesters
Maryland state Sen. Catherine Pugh (D) talks to Fox News' Geraldo Rivera on April 28, 2015. [YouTube]

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera got a chilly reception from demonstrators in Baltimore on Tuesday night before a Maryland Democratic legislator chided the heavy media presence greeting the city's new curfew.

"We want our people to go home," state Senate Majority Leader Catherine E. Pugh told Rivera. "But we also want the media to move back, because this is just inciting people."

Pugh led Rivera away from the crowd before Rivera spoke to host Sean Hannity via remote.

"I know that was very unpleasant, but it shows you the extent of the emotions," Rivera said as Pugh rejoined him.

"It's a very emotional thing," she said. "People have been out here all day long. They've been demonstrating very peacefully. And you know, I think that what people say are camera lights, and when you see that, it incites people. But these people have been out here all day long just demonstrating very peacefully. And they're demonstrating because they care about their neighborhoods, and they care about their communities."

The interview got off to a rocky start, with Rivera running afoul of other demonstrators just before the city entered a 10 p.m. local time curfew. The curfew was instituted following the spate of violent incidents in the city on Monday. As Pugh and Rivera spoke, a large group of media members could be seen nearby.

"You're making a fool of yourself," Rivera yelled at one man who cut in front of the camera. As other protesters haranged Rivera, he introduced Pugh, adding, "If we can get her away from these vandals here."

"We want the media to move back," Pugh immediately told him.

"It seems like they want trouble," Rivera replied.

"They don't want trouble," she insisted. Behind Pugh, an unidentified woman could be seen saying, "Stop making money off of black pain."

Watch the encounter, as posted online on Tuesday, below.