Scooter-riding Florida man caught crawling under tables to sniff college women's feet
Women's feet (Shuttershock)

A scooter-riding Florida man is being sought in connection with sneakily sniffing the feet of a university student without her consent, WSVN reports.

Students at Florida International University in Miami have been warned to be on the lookout for the man who has been seen hiding under tables at the university library and smelling women's feet without their knowledge.

"This guy must have a weird fetish," student Natalie Quintana told WSVN. "God only knows what else he wants to do if he's going to be smelling your feet."

The university said they're taking the report seriously, and library staff have been directed to call campus police if they see the man.

"Although some may consider this to be humorous or insignificant, the FIUPD takes these reports seriously and continues to investigate the matter," the FIU Police Department said in a statement provided to

Photos show the man wearing an orange shirt, looking surprised as he is caught in the act of smelling a woman's feet. Another shows him driving off on a scooter.

"I would be less concerned [that] they are aroused by feet and more concerned they couldn’t exercise restraint and do it in a public place," psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober told CBS4.

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