Tennessee pastor lashes out after Paris attacks: 'There is no such thing as a good Muslim'
Pastor Maury Davis (Cornerstone Nashville Church/screen grab)

Following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Pastor Maury Davis of Cornerstone Nashville Church said on Sunday that there was "no such thing as a good Muslim."

During his weekly sermon, Davis explained that sinners were "worthy of death" if they practiced or approved of sins against God.

"These are people that said this sin is not a big deal and you need to get on the bandwagon and support it," Davis opined. "I love gay people, I have gay friends, but my love will not save them. Only Jesus saves."

According to the pastor, same-sex marriage was an attack on the church, and he predicted that it would eventually result in legalized pedophilia.

"You start down a slope that is not only slippery, it has a chasm at the end that you will fall into," Davis remarked. "I believe the changing of the definition of marriage in the next 15 years, you're going to see polygamy legalized and you're going to see children being married off in America, just like we do in Saudi Arabia, if we don't stop this right here, right now."

After a brief rant against drinking alcohol, Davis returned to the subject of Islam.

"I apologize that I think that the only good Muslim is a converted one," the pastor quipped. "There is no such thing as a good Muslim. Mohammed was a pedophile. Mohammed was a man of violence and murder that created persecution for Jews and Christians."

"And people that want to be like the revealer of their God need to look at that," he continued. "A good Muslim in the Muslim community is a radical. The rest of them are carnal, not practicing the book. And the only good ones, are just like the only good people: good in Jesus."

Davis added that he was God was converting imams across the world to Christianity by sending them visions of Jesus.

"[Imams] are calling Pentecostal preachers and saying, 'We don't know what just happened,'" Davis said. "God is doing the work around the world."

Watch the video below from Cornerstone Nashville, broadcast Nov. 15, 2015.