KKK recruiting drive jumps on anti-Islam bandwagon: Send Muslims 'back where they came from'
Ku Klux Klan (Flickr/Martin)

The Klu Klux Klan in Kentucky are recruiting new members by calling to send Muslims "back where they came from."

Following terrorist attacks in Paris and harsh anti-Muslim rhetoric from the Republican presidential candidates, KKK fliers began showing up all over Campbellsville, including on the front steps of city hall and the police department, according to WDRB.

"We shall rise, we shall fight, we shall stand hand in hand cause we are the Ku Klux Klan," one flier reads. "We are back in town. Call to join."

Another flier urges racial segregation, and to send Muslims and Mexicans "back where they came from."

A woman answering the number posted on the fliers told WDRB that "phones were lit up when people started finding them."

“There is no reason behind it,” she explained. “It’s just something we came up with for recruitment purposes. We thought it was cute.”

Campbellsville Police Chief Patricia Thompson explained to the station that there was nothing law enforcement could do to stop the recruitment drive.

“They may have had a lot of police officers calling to find out if they’re legitimate, but I don’t think there were a lot of people from Campbellsville calling to be members of the Klan,” Thompson said.

Watch the video below from WDRB, broadcast Dec. 14, 2015.