Sarah Silverman just made conservatives explode with rage -- and only needed to use six words
Comedian Sarah Silverman (Jeff Martin/Flickr)

Conservatives on social media were left fuming after comedian Sarah Silverman tweeted a joke about Jesus Christ.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jesus was gender fluid!" Silverman wrote on her Twitter and Facebook accounts on December 25.

Conservative Christians were outraged by the suggestion that the son of God identified as both male and female -- or somewhere in between. The website raged that the tweet was a "desperate attempt to remain relevant," while others on social media attacked the 45-year-old comedian for being impious on Christmas day.

"Jesus was not gender fluid! Says nowhere in the Bible or in any other teachings. Jesus was a man and you are Jewish and know nothing about my savior and shouldn't be making jokes about Him on Christmas, the day of His birth. You just lost a fan," one person wrote on Silverman's Facebook page.

Others complained that Silverman had poked fun at Jesus, but not the Prophet Muhammad.

At least one Twitter user tried to use the moment to evangalize.

While a number of others were content with making anti-Semitic jokes.