Harlem pastor: Gays can't foreclose on my church until they birth babies 'through their anus'
Pastor David Manning (Atlah Worldwide Church/screen grab)

An anti-gay Harlem pastor fired back on Monday after an LGBT group began raising money to buy his church at a foreclosure auction.

DNAInfo reported that a state judge ordered Pastor David Manning's Atlah Worldwide Church to be sold at auction to pay over $1 million in taxes and other debts. Manning insisted that his church was exempt from most of the debt, and that he would fight the order.

Rivers of Living Water Ministries, an LGBT spiritual group, announced last week that it had launched a fundraising campaign to purchase the church and replace it with an inclusive ministry.

During a Monday broadcast, Manning said that he had a warning "for all the sodomites that think that you're going to purchase this church in a foreclosure sale."

"This ain't no bathhouse, this ain't no f*g house, this is the Lord's house!" he exclaimed. "And before you can ever own this property, hook or crook... men who are f*gs with testicles will be carrying babies in their testicles and giving birth to them through their anus."

"That's how impossible it is for you to get this house," Manning continued. "When you start carrying a baby in your bags and birthing that baby through your ass, then you can own this house. But until I see you pull a baby out your ass, you ain't going to pull this church out from underneath us. And boom shakalaka goes right there."

"And all you f*gs can go to hell! And do it now."

Rivers of Living Water Ministries had raised about $20,000 in the first three days of its campaign. The group anticipates that it will need $1.2 million to successfully purchase Atlah Worldwide Church at public auction on Feb. 24.

Update: The Ali Forney Center, which helps LGBT youth, confirmed to WCBS that it was also raising funds to purchase Atlah Worldwide Church. The group has reportedly raised over $140,000.

Watch the video below from Atlah Worldwide Church, broadcast Feb. 1, 2016.