Rape victim scorches Brock Turner on CNN: 'We have the nightmares, we live through the flashbacks'
Rape survivor Kamilah Willingham talks to CNN about the Brock Turner case (Screen cap).

Stanford rapist Brock Turner was released from prison on Friday after serving just half of his six-month sentence, and angry reactions continue to pour in.

CNN on Friday interviewed Kamilah Willingham, a rape survivor who now works as gender equality activist, about the Turner case and she delivered a scathing rebuke of both Turner and Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky, who drew heavy criticism for giving Turner such a lenient sentence.

"Most victims don't have the physical evidence, the eye witnesses," Willingham said of Turner's victim in the case. "The message that Judge Persky sent to all survivors, including this victim, is: 'Your pain isn't valid, it doesn't matter.' That he bought Brock Turner's excuse that, you know, this was an innocent mistake -- party culture, whatever -- is just simply unacceptable."

Willingham also wasn't going to shed any tears for Turner, who now has to register as a sex offender.

"Poor Brock, he has to carry the stigma of being known as a rapist," she said sarcastically. "People like his victim and people like me have to live with that for the rest of our lives too. We live with the nightmares, we live with the flashbacks... This wasn't a youthful mistake, it's not an inevitability of co-ed party culture."

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