Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones admits funding abortions 'many years ago -- haven't done it since!'
Alex Jones yelling (Raw Story)

On Monday, during a discussion about Texas' harsh new anti-abortion law, right-wing conspiracy theorist webcaster Alex Jones dropped a confession: He has paid for women to get abortions.

But Jones, who often laces his programming with messages about the Biblical end times, made clear he isn't proud of having done so.

"Some of the people that do abortions, some doctors that do abortions believe in it, they think it's a service, I can see their perspective, and they got a hard job," said Jones. "And I paid for abortions, so I'm not a hypocrite in this, many, many years ago, and I haven't done it since, and I'm repentant of it. The point is, I don't blame people that are deceived about it, or don't understand the big picture, or are poor or scared or whatever. God judges the heart."

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