Texas grand jury indicts at least 9 cops who allegedly used excessive force against BLM protesters

A grand jury in Texas handed down at least nine indictments for Austin Police Department officers accused of using excessive force. According to KVUE, that number is likely to grow, making it the highest number of indictments against police officers in the wake of George Floyd's death.

"The indictments come after the grand jury conducted a review of 21 Austin police officers' actions during the unprecedented protests following Floyd's murder in Minneapolis and the controversial shooting in Austin of Michael Ramos in April 2020," reports KVUE.

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The protestors suffered a wide range of injuries, which included traumatic head wounds and broken bones that were allegedly caused by excessive force.

Watch KVUE's report on the story below:

LIVE: Grand jury issues indictments for at least 9 Austin police officers after 2020 protests | KVUE www.youtube.com