Chaos erupts at city council meeting as rock-wielding man threatens to stone gay city manager for blasphemy

During a city hall meeting to address racism in Klamath Falls, Oregon, a man wielding a large rock threatened a city employee, the Herald and News reports.

Eric Osterberg, assistant to the city manager of Klamath Falls and staff lead for the Klamath Falls equity task force, was about to deliver the task force's final report to the Klamath Falls city council when when he noticed the agitated man holding the rock.

"Oh, so you think we are all racist? You think you are the second coming of Christ?" the man reportedly said.

Osterberg, who is a gay Black man, said the man accused him of spreading HIV and AIDS, and called him "blasphemous."

"You are a sinner and you need to be stoned. That is why I brought this stone," Osterberg said the man told him.

The man was then escorted out of the building by police.

"I'm not sure if he was arrested or just asked to go home," Osterberg said. "I would hope that he was arrested since he made a direct threat to me, and I think it would be pretty bad if he was allowed to just leave."

But according to Klamath Falls police chief Robert Dentinger, the man was not arrested.

"As of (Monday) night there was not enough information to arrest him," Dentinger said. "But as things change, we are going to have to talk to him."

Klamath Falls mayor Carol Westfal said the incident was disappointing occurrence.

"It basically shows us what is out there, and our work towards equity and doing away with this kind of conflict is what we are working towards," Westfall said. "It's unfortunate, but we do have freedom of speech and people on the internet are saying all sorts of stuff ... I think it's just unfortunate but we definitely need to educate people and keep moving forward."

Watch video of the incident below: