We're headed into a very scary time as Wisconsin is identified as a top worry for election watchdog

David Becker, executive director of The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) and co-author of “The Big Truth: Upholding Democracy in the Age of the Big Lie,” said Tuesday that Wisconsin is “on the top of my list” of places that could be engulfed by chaos after the 2024 election.

False claims of voter fraud and bullying of election officials is at an all-time high, Becker said during a Zoom press conference with reporters around the country.

CEIR’s election worker Legal Defense Network is receiving as many calls about threats and harassment now as it did just after it was created in September 2021, he added. “That tells you how bad it’s been.”

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The point is smearing the president

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With a slim majority and a number of members representing districts carried by Joe Biden, it’s doubtful that the GOP has the votes to impeach Biden. Trump doesn’t care, the point is to announce the investigation.

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Proposed budget offers horrifying vision of what Republicans would do if they could

It’s tempting to ignore a budget resolution released just days before the start of the fiscal year that it’s meant to guide, and amid the chaotic debate around a short-term extension of government funding to avoid a shutdown. But House Budget Committee Chair Jodey Arrington’s proposed budget is important for what it illustrates about House Republicans’ disturbing vision for the country: health care stripped away from millions of people, higher poverty and hunger, capitulation to climate change, more tax cheating by high-income people, and large-scale disinvestment from the building blocks of opportunity and economic growth—from medical research to education to child care. It would narrow opportunity, worsen racial inequities, and make it harder for people to afford the basics. It reflects the wrong priorities for the country and should be roundly rejected.

Chair Arrington made clear in his remarks the intent to extend the expiring tax cuts from the 2017 tax law, which included large tax cuts for the wealthy. In addition, the budget resolution itself would pave the way for unlimited, unpaid-for tax cuts that could go well beyond those extensions. The extensions alone would give annual tax breaks averaging $41,000 to tax filers in the top 1 percent and cost more than $350 billion a year, the Congressional Budget Office estimates. The budget reflects none of these costs and fails to explain how—or whether—they will be offset.

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Inside the GOP's branding crisis

Institutionally, Republicans know how to brand, or at least did until recently. Democrats don’t appear to, and haven’t for decades.

The result is that Republicans have established a 40-year-long stable and largely consistent brand (at least until recently) while — because Democrats haven’t invested in their own brand — the GOP has also succeeded in branding Democrats.

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Inside the GOP's Big Pharma rip-off

According to a Lexington Law survey, a third of Americans check their bank balances every day. People who don’t check daily are most likely to check after a paycheck has been deposited or should have been through direct deposit.

Now, imagine if you looked at your bank balance and saw that your employer just put $2,596,153.00 into your account. And then the same amount showed up the following week. And the week after that. Every week for the entire year.

If you were a Big Pharma executive, that could be your reality. Regeneron’s Len Schleifer, for example, made $135,350,000.00 (over $2.5 million a week, or over $500,000 a day) in 2020.

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Why I don't believe in God

The following is an excerpt from Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless by Greta Christina. The book is available electronically on Kindle.

"But just because religion has done some harm -- that doesn't mean it's mistaken! Sure, people have done terrible things in God's name. That doesn't mean God doesn't exist!"

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AI wrote this editorial. It offers persuasive arguments for why that’s a bad idea.

Editor’s note: With artificial intelligence creating such controversy in journalism these days, the Post-Dispatch Editorial Board was curious how Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI program would handle the command, “Write a newspaper editorial arguing that artificial intelligence should not be used in journalism.” Below is the result, lightly edited for style but otherwise straight from the program. We found that Bing Chat made lucid and persuasive arguments for keeping AI out of journalism. It’s an ironic and disturbing success to the experiment — but one that we hope will generate discussion among our...

The real 'Biden conundrum' is about timing

New polling by CNN and The Wall Street Journal show the president in a deadheat with the criminal former president, and this has inspired another tiresome round of concern-trolling among people who know better but who also can’t be trusted to behave accordingly because they are professionally and politically incentivized to pretend that they don’t know any better.

But instead of talking yet again about the failings of the Washington press corps, I want to talk about a factual aspect of this makebelieve, which is that normal Democratic voters appear to be truly uncomfortable with Joe Biden’s advanced age while at the same time knowing the incumbent is the best choice against the most likely Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

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A neuroscientist explains why stupidity is an existential threat to America

It may sound like an insensitive statement, but the cold hard truth is that there are a lot of stupid people in the world, and their stupidity presents a constant danger to others. Some of these people are in positions of power, and some of them have been elected to run our country. A far greater number of them do not have positions of power, but they still have the power to vote, and the power to spread their ideas. We may have heard of “collective intelligence,” but there is also “collective stupidity,” and it is a force with equal influence on the world. It would not be a stretch to say that at this point in time, stupidity presents an existential threat to America because, in some circles, it is being celebrated.

Although the term "stupidity" may seem derogatory or insulting, it is actually a scientific concept that refers to a specific type of cognitive failure. It is important to realize that stupidity is not simply a lack of intelligence or knowledge, but rather a failure to use one's cognitive abilities effectively. This means that you can be “smart” while having a low IQ, or no expertise in anything. It is often said that “you can’t fix stupid,” but that is not exactly true. By becoming aware of the limitations of our natural intelligence or our ignorance, we can adjust our reasoning, behavior, and decision-making to account for our intellectual shortcomings.

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Why Billionaires needed to outfit Supreme Court justices with 'golden handcuffs'

The media is interpreting the relationship between rightwing billionaires and Supreme Court justices as good old fashioned corruption, as if they’re trying to buy votes. But what if, instead, it’s actually something far more insidious than that?

Billionaires Harlan Crow and Paul Singer both have had business before the Supreme Court, but both also argue that they’ve never specifically discussed that business with Clarence Thomas or Sam Alito, respectively.

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How the DOJ caved to Trump's poisonous political violence

The DOJ’s indictment of Hunter Biden reveals a horrible truth: our criminal justice system just caved to threats of political violence. This is a terrible milestone, revealing how far down the fascist rabbit-hole the GOP has gone. It should be front-page news but is instead relegated to a footnote.

Trump-aligned Nazis threatened violence against FBI agents and prosecutors investigating Hunter Biden after Republicans in Congress and hosts on Fox “News” and other rightwing outlets named people they claimed were “going soft” on the president’s son.

As a result, the FBI has been forced to create a unit just to protect people working on the gun and tax charges brought against Hunter yesterday and in previous months. These attacks on government officials are largely unprecedented. They echo the terror campaigns run by followers of Mussolini and Hitler in the early days of their rising to power.

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'Dreamers' deferred: Democrats are blowing the immigration debate and hurting kids by hiding

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was unlawful, dealing a stinging blow to the Biden Administration and Democrats who have supported the program since its creation in 2012 by President Barack Obama.

But U.S. District Court Judge Andrew S. Hanen’s ruling might be more notable for what it did not do. The judge, an appointee of President George W. Bush, declined Republican plaintiffs’ requests that he outrightly end the program for the estimated 580,000 undocumented immigrants it still covers.

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Will January 6 be buried like the JFK assassination?

This week we heard from a Secret Service agent who says there was more than one shooter at Dealy Plaza in Dallas back in November, 1963. JFK’s top aide, Dave Powers — who was in the car just behind JFK at the time of the assassination — told me the same thing, as Lamar Waldron and I reported in our book Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination.

While people may disagree on their favorite theory of who was behind and who executed the killing, there’s broad agreement across America that we still don’t know the entire story (and the CIA and FBI continue to refuse to declassify thousands of pages of documents).

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