'Kiss my butt!' Kyle Rittenhouse supporter starts screaming at reporters during courthouse rant

A supporter of Kyle Rittenhouse on Wednesday started screaming at reporters over what he called the injustice of putting the young Kenosha shooter on trial.

The man appeared outside the Kenosha courthouse where he immediately started yelling about antifa.

'I think they should have been f*cking locking up every damn antifa member and every damn rioter!" he shouted. "It's okay to riot and tear apart your city but it's against the law to defend yourself? Kiss my butt!"

The man would turn again to Antifa moments later as he continued his rant.

"I stand for our country, I stand for our cities, I stand for America!" he yelled. "And antifa can kiss my a**!"

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He then took exception with the slogan "Black Lives Matter."

"All lives matter, not just Black!" he shouted. "That's racist!"

The man's rant came as the jury in Rittenhouse trial continued its second day of deliberations.

Watch the video below.