Capitol cop buries Laura Ingraham for 'puking out' lies on her 'trash' show about MAGA riots
Fox News host Laura Ingraham. (Screenshot)

On CNN Thursday, Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, one of the Capitol officers who was attacked by pro-Trump insurrectionists on January 6, tore into Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham for mocking the danger he faced.

"You have also been a target for some from right wing media," said anchor Erin Burnett. "I will play this so everyone can hear."

She played a clip of Ingraham giving Gonell an "award" for his "performance" at this week's Capitol riot committee hearings, while scorning the idea that he was threatened by rioters armed with pens and other objects.

"What is your reaction to someone who would move to belittle what you did?" Burnett asked.

"This is the first time I see that comment coming from this particular person," said Gonell. "To watch her trash, because that's what it is, a commentator that would trash somebody who, in my opinion, wasn't there. So unless you were there in that crowd, being attacked by the rioters, you would not know, and you will never know, you never — my devotion for the country is bigger than the vitriol that she's puking out... that person never served the country, will never raise her hand like I did so many times."

Watch below:

Aquilino Gonell on Laura Ingraham