'Have you not debased yourself enough?' CNN's Don Lemon mocks Pence and Brian Kemp for still loving Trump
Donald Trump and Mike Pence at the White House. (CNN/Screenshot)

CNN's Don Lemon mocked former Vice President Mike Pence and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) for having their lives endangered by former President Donald Trump and still agreeing to support him.

Pence, who wrote a column toeing the Trump line that the election was stolen, came within feet of being attacked by Capitol insurrectionists. His family, who was with him, was also in danger. While many would be infuriated if someone put their family in danger, Pence made it clear that his love for the former president still holds.

"Mike Pence knows that that was a lie," Lemon said about the claims around the election. "He knows. And they were saying, 'hang Mike Pence.' Geez. 'The big lie' that incited those rioters -- see the gallows? They wanted to hang you, Mike Pence, for something you know is a lie. Pence and his family escaping just a minute before rioters charged up the stairs, as hero Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman distracted them. There he is, distracting them from Mike Pence, who's now putting out some crap about a stolen election or irregularities."

A shocked Lemon asked Pence if he really cares about power that much.

"Sorry, I shouldn't even ask that question," Lemon corrected himself. "I shouldn't waste my time. All that and Mike Pence is still sucking up to his former boss. Have you not debased yourself enough for that man? Not only were Pence and his family in mortal danger, those hero officers, police officers like Eugene Goodman, they were in danger as well. And let's remember Donald Trump didn't even call Mike Pence during the riot to find out if he and his family were okay. Instead, he tweeted before he was permanently banned from Twitter, for his lies, tweeted an attack on his own vice president. All that is okay with Mike Pence now. Fine with the big lie, fine with lives within in danger, fine with voter suppression. He's gambled his integrity away."

Kemp too said that he would still support Trump in 2024. Kemp's family has been threatened in the wake of Trump's attacks on him.

"This needs to stop," Kemp said in December of dangerous conspiracy theories, according to WJCL. "People need to deal with facts. We'll give them to them, and if anybody has an issue with something I've done, they can come to me, and I will talk to them about it. They don't need to bother my wife and my children or another elected official's wife and children. I'll assure you I can handle myself, if they're brave enough."

Both his wife and daughter faced death threats on social media after Trump attacked Kemp for refusing to change the 2020 election.

Watch his opener below:

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