Two police lieutenants fired -- including the cop union president: report

The San Francisco Bay Area town of Vallejo had a major shakeup of it's police force announced on Friday.

"Two Vallejo police lieutenants have been fired by the city, while a third has been suspended, their attorney said Friday. Lt. Michael Nichelini, who is president of the Vallejo police union, and Lt. Herman Robinson, were both terminated, said their attorney Michael Rains," KTVU reported Friday. "Nichelini and Rodriguez were accused of playing a part in the destruction of a police-truck windshield after an officer shot and killed Sean Monterrosa last year. Nichelini was also accused of threatening a newspaper columnist and intimidating Vallejo civil rights attorney Melissa Nold."

Reporter Otis Taylor, who had announced he was leaving the San Francisco Chronicle to work for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, posted to Twitter a copy of the email he received from Nichelini.

Nichelini was also accused of intimidating civil rights attorney Melissa Nold, who shared her thoughts on his firing to her Twitter account.