Busted: These 6 members of Congress violated a federal conflicts-of-interest law

At least six more members of Congress have violated the STOCK Act by failing to disclose transactions — up to $376,280 collectively — within a 45-day federal deadline, according to a Raw Story analysis of congressional financial documents.

The majority of the late disclosure dollars came from Rep. Jonathan Jackson (D-IL) who was late in disclosing up to $300,000 in stock transactions from a joint trust.

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Jim Jordan concedes Jan. 6 prosecutions are unprecedented because it was an unprecedented event

WASHINGTON — Rep. Jim Jordan's (R-OH) weaponization committee held a Thursday hearing with what he called FBI whistleblowers alleging the Bureau has become a political arm of the Justice Department's attacks on conservatives.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday evening that the FBI whistleblowers may have had an axe to grind. The men lost their top security clearance due to their support for the Jan. 6 attackers. Losing the higher level clearance almost certainly meant that they were limited in the kinds of jobs they could do.

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‘We are at war’: Anti-trans activists lock arms with North Carolina GOP gubernatorial frontrunner

RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson praised Moms for Liberty, a conservative group that opposes transgender rights, as the modern-day equivalent of Betsy Ross, Rosie the Riveter and Rosa Parks.

Members of the group, who are in Raleigh to lobby the North Carolina General Assembly for legislation prohibiting transgender girls and women from participating in female sports and to ban gender reassignment surgery for minors, greeted Robinson by saying, “We love you, Mark!”

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MAGA Republicans slam Paul Ryan ahead of his portrait unveiling, exposing deep divide in House GOP

WASHINGTON — Freedom Caucus members trashed former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) ahead of the unveiling of his portrait at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. But it was their contrast to Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) that revealed more about today's House GOP.

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) called Ryan a "missed opportunity" because "we had everything," he said, referencing the GOP holding the House, Senate and White House after Donald Trump took over in 2017.

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Pelosi lieutenant who sponsored congressional stock ban bill just violated the STOCK Act

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), who last year led Democratic House leadership’s self-aborted effort to ban congressional stock trading, just became the latest lawmaker to violate the STOCK Act with up to $265,000 in late financial disclosures, according to a Raw Story analysis of financial records.

Lofgren violated the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act by failing — in one case, for months — to properly disclose her husband's sale of two stocks.

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Five more Republican lawmakers surrender FTX money to U.S. Marshals Service

Money keeps pouring into the U.S. Marshals Service from federal political campaigns and committees who received funds from FTX, the now-defunct cryptocurrency company, according to a Raw Story analysis of federal campaign records.

Another five political campaigns sent $15,500 in campaign cash to the government agency best known for hunting down suspected criminals, adding to at least $160,000 collected from 30 federal political candidates and party committees, as Raw Story first reported.

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Jericho March extremists illustrate threat of present-day MAGA violence

As Donald Trump plots a return to the White House in 2025, his past courtship of militant far-right groups — some of whom led the mob that overran the U.S. Capitol — highlights an ongoing threat of political violence in the United States.

Trump has continued to signal to violent extremists since Joe Biden’s inauguration in January 2021. In February, the former president amplified a user on the Truth Social platform who pledged that his supporters will “physically fight for him” to win the Republican nomination while warning that “we Are Locked and LOADED.”

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NFL execs invited these 45 congressional staffers to the 2023 Draft — expenses paid

The National Football League invited at least 45 congressional staffers — including six for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy — to attend an expenses-paid junket to the 2023 NFL Draft, according to new congressional documents reviewed by Raw Story.

The number of invites is significantly larger than what was previously known. Last week, Raw Story reported that the NFL brought about a dozen congressional staff members to Kansas City on April 27 for what the league called a “Government Affairs Congressional Forum.”

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GOP's Tommy Tuberville refuses to answer as he gets grilled over his defense of white nationalists

WASHINGTON — Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has found himself caught in the middle of a scandal of his own making after he told a reporter that white nationalists serving in the military were nothing more than Americans.

Speaking to Raw Story on Tuesday, Tuberville said that he wasn't sure about an increase in terrorism from white supremacists.

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Kanye West can start paying white nationalists from his old presidential campaign again

Rapper and former 2020 presidential candidate Kanye West can resume using surplus money from his old presidential campaign account to pay white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes for his services.

A week after West’s previous campaign treasurer resigned, a Federal Election Commission filing reviewed by Raw Story on Monday listed a new treasurer, Devin Anderson of Casper, Wyo.

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Nikki Haley made big money from special-interest speaking engagements: disclosure

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley earned millions of dollars from speaking engagements, consulting fees and revenue from her own company, according to a Raw Story analysis of a new federal personal financial disclosure.

Haley, a former ambassador to the United Nations and former governor of South Carolina, earned between $100,000 to $1 million each for 12 speaking engagements during 2022 and early 2023, according to her disclosure, which only requires she list such income in broad ranges.

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How Democrats could push back against GOP ‘judge shopping’

U.S. District Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk of Texas isn’t a household name, but he’s ended up ruling on important legal cases that affect the whole nation.

And that's not by accident.

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Trump again pushes back deadline to reveal his finances

The Federal Election Commission has granted former President Donald J. Trump yet another extension to reveal his assets in his latest public financial disclosure, a requirement for all presidential candidates.

Trump will now need to file the report – which needs to reveal his assets and income – by June 29 with the extension from the original May 15 deadline, according to FEC records reviewed by Raw Story.

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