Teacher’s union head suggests schools are unsafe to reopen because of Black and brown children
(Screenshot via Fox56)

The president of Pennsylvania's Scranton Federation of Teachers is facing calls for her resignation after she made controversial comments at two separate school board meetings, Fox56 reports.

Rosemary Boland said on February 1 that when in comes to returning children to in-person learning at schools, there are "children from families who are underserved by the medical community. Nobody thinks about them."

"Our black children, our brown children, our immigrant children, we don't know who in their family has had COVID," she said. "We don't know if they've been vaccinated because we don't know any of that. Nobody has documentation for that part of our population."

In the following meeting, Boland said, "Our students go home. They are not going home to the Donna Reed home, they are going home to homes in Scranton School District. Do you know our students? Do you know our families?"

As Fox56 points out, The Donna Reed Show was a TV sitcom in the 1960s about a white, middle-class family.

A petition calling for Boland's resignation is fast approaching its stated goal of 500 signatures as of this writing.

"To me there's this woman who thinks black, brown and immigrant children are the ones that... we don't know if they have COVID," Tosh said. "I don't want her in charge of the people who are teaching my children," said Scranton mom Erica Tosh, who started the petition.

Boland apologized, saying she regrets the language she used. But that's not enough for Tosh.

"She needs to go. She needs to resign and she needs to go," Tosh said.