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Trump tried to reassure aide that Stormy Daniels’ details about his genitals were untrue: book

With the first couple apart and more women coming forward to report their affairs with then-President Donald Trump, former White House press secretary recalled a call she got from Air Force One.

Adult film star Stormy Daniels had released her book, describing the anatomy of the president as "smaller than usual," though not abnormally small. She also called it "unusual" and reminded her of the Mario Cart mushroom with "Yeti pubes."

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'I need my next meal': Flustered Lindsey Graham delivers bizarre response to claims of freeloading off Trump

Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham paints an unflattering picture of Sen. Lindsey Graham in her new book, "I'll Take Your Questions Now" — and the South Carolina senator was clearly uncomfortable when far-right Newsmax TV host Rob Schmitt discussed that book with him this week.

Schmitt attacked Grisham as "another turncoat," and he asked Graham about her claim that he wanted to "mop up the freebies like there was no tomorrow" during Donald Trump's presidency.

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Trump's biggest trigger was 'any comparison to Obama' being better: new book

Stephanie Grisham's new book, I'll Take Your Questions Now, begins with the first days of the Trump administration as Sean Spicer stepped to the podium and lied to the press for the first time when he claimed the inauguration size was larger than in 2008 and 2012.

She recalled being excited and proud, innocently waiting for Spicer's first briefing but as the time approached for Spicer to step out to the podium he was still with the president. That's when Grisham knew something was probably wrong.

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New book reveals the infamous Trump dinner with Mitt Romney was exactly what people thought

The latest tell-all book about President Donald Trump's administration revealed that the infamous 2016 dinner with the new president-elect and Mitt Romney was a ploy to "torture him."

According to the new book from Stephanie Grisham, I'll Take Your Questions Now, recalled a moment when campaign staffer Jason Miller told her about the dinner and that she needed to be ready to bring in the press to get a photo.

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Melania seemed less angry about Trump's actual affair with Stormy Daniels than she was with being humiliated in the press: book

The details around the press of President Donald Trump's affair with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal left former first lady Melania Trump with a range of emotions, former aide Stephanie Grisham revealed in her new book.

In I'll Take Your Questions Now, Grisham revealed that Mrs. Trump stayed largely quiet, but it was clear that accusations of the Trumps relationship being a transactional one were wrong.

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Grisham book reveals how obsessed Trump was with press briefings — even giving wardrobe critiques afterward

Stephanie Grisham's new book, I'll Take Your Questions Now, recalled the obsessive way in which President Donald Trump would focus on press briefings. From the beginning, she witnessed how Trump would force Sean Spicer to say word-for-word what Trump told him, even if he knew it was a lie.

"I know firsthand how much pressure he placed on you," she wrote. "He watched the briefings, commented on everything from what you wore and what you said to what reporter you took a question from and what reporter you ignored. He expected and demanded that you say certain things regardless of whether they were true or not. Sometimes he dictated things word for word for you to repeat."

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Trump dictated a statement that made Grisham feel like 'a crazy cultist' — then he forgot he even composed it

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham's new book makes it clear that she thought former President Donald Trump was completely nuts and it details how fearful she was of him.

In one weekend call from the president, Grisham described his ranting about Gen. John Kelly and his comments in the conservative Washington Examiner, in which Kelly hoped that Trump wouldn't hire a "yes-man" as his new chief of staff. Grisham wrote that she dreaded weekend calls from Trump because he could be "set off" by anything. He demanded she "push back hard" against Kelly.

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Mark Meadows and his crew of 'Trump whisperers' played into the presidents worst instincts on COVID: book

President Donald Trump's final chief of staff, former Rep. Mark Meadows was one of the worst enablers of the president's "delusion and conspiracies," wrote former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham in her new book.

According to one of the many stories in I'll Take Your Questions Now, Grisham described Meadows as the worst of the White House chiefs because he "nursed Trump's worst instincts," particularly when it came to COVID-19.

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