Fact-Checking Policy

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Raw Story strives for 100% accuracy in headlines and news reports. Reporters aim to be precise with all headlines and statements. This includes identifying information such as names and positions as well as factual statements and quotations. Reporters conduct their own fact checking using their own judgment. Editorial employees’ outside activities and involvement are guided by the ethics policy.

Initial reports sometimes change. Raw Story works to update any article with new facts, and aims to correct headlines that no longer represent present circumstances. Because of the frequency of breaking news events, some articles may not be updated, since they are often supplemented by new articles.

Raw Story relies on reputable wire services including Agence France Presse and third party news providers, including Salon and AlterNet, which employ their own fact checkers. Raw Story relies on the reputations of credible news organizations and cannot verify the accounts of all third-party sites.

Raw Story is a trusted NewsGuard-validated news website. Its reporters are represented by the Baltimore-Washington NewsGuild, which also represents the editorial staff of the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post. If you find a fact that you think may be in error, please email corrections@rawstory.com.

Please note this policy may be changed at any time without notice at Raw Story’s discretion.