'I have very bad news for you': MSNBC's Joe Scarborough lets Trump know what is coming after subpoenas issued
Joe Scarborough (Photo: Screen capture)

Responding to reports that four members of Donald Trump's inner circle are being served with subpoenas over communications and activities that led up to the Jan 6th insurrection, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough warned Donald Trump he is in for a world of hurt when they are compelled to testify.

Noting that Trump has been making rumblings about attempting to assert executive privilege in order to block Steve Bannon, Kash Patel, Mark Meadows and Dan Scavino, the "Morning Joe" host asserted the former president doesn't have a legal leg to stand on.

"There are a lot of Americans who want to know who around the president was guilty of committing treason that day. There are a lot of people who want to know who among the president's men and/or women were planning those riots to overturn an election," the MSNBC host stated. "To overturn an election in America, we have the right to know."

"When the president is saying this is a partisan exercise, that's so 2018, it's kind of cute when Donald Trump says that," he continued. "It's also even cuter when he says there is executive privilege when you are dealing with sedition. Donald, I've got very bad news for you: when you engage in sedition against the United States of America, you're not going to find federal judges that are going to say, 'You know what? We don't care that he was sitting there and watching television and cheering on the rioters and refusing to stop the riot. And his aides were talking behind the scenes about how all hell was going to break loose the next day.' We're working -- and lawyers were working -- on theories which we really have not talked about enough here on how to overturn a democratic election. And then how to stop the Constitutional counting of the Electoral votes on January 6th."

"There is no executive privilege for treason, there is no executive privilege for sedition or being apart in sedition or encouraging sedition, so we have to have the investigations and the documents," he added.

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