Popular QAnon leader accused of pushing followers into adopting neo-Nazism: report

Ever searching for fringe positions to adopt, one of QAnon's most popular leaders and influencers -- unwittingly or not -- tried to introduce his followers to neo-Nazism, reports Vice's David Gilbert.

With interest in Donald Trump's loss of the 2020 presidential election fading, and "Q's" promise of the "Storm" where Joe Biden would be ousted and Trump would be restored to the Oval Office failing to materialize, Gilbert reports that John Sabal, who goes by "QAnon John," pushed a neo-Nazi film that he linked to on Sunday night to his 70,000 followers.

According to the report, Sabal is preparing for a "For God and Country: Patriot Double Down" conference in Las Vegas later this week and on "...Sunday night he took time out of his busy schedule to share a post about people who had praised "Europa – the Last Battle." It's a 10-part film that claims Jews created Communism and deliberately started both world wars as part of a plot to found Israel by provoking the innocent Nazis, who were only defending themselves."

"If you want to know the truth, well look no further. Here it is, escape the matrix and watch it today," the post stated.

"While this film has been shared by some of QAnon's more fringe and extremist figures, the fact Sabal feels emboldened to share it so publicly is a testament to how antisemitic thinking has become normalized within the movement," Gilbert added, before noting comments attached to the post indicated that Sabal's followers were receptive to taking a look with one naysayer being shot down and accused of being part of the "deep state."

Writing, "After Sabal's comments were highlighted by extremist researchers on Twitter, the posts mysteriously disappeared from his channel. The video series is very well-known in extremist circles, yet apparently Sabal shared it completely innocently with his tens of thousands of followers," the Vice reports notes that one Sabal defender explained, "He had no idea that there was any anti-Semitism connected to that film. He has never even watched the movie. It was referred to him by a supposed 'trusted' source.'"

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Bill Gates was called on the carpet after he 'propositioned' a female employee while still CEO: WSJ

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates was admonished against flirting with a female staffer and accused of propositioning one dating back to 2008 when he was still CEO of the tech giant.

The report notes that Microsoft's then-General Counsel Brad Smith and then-Chief People Officer Lisa Brummel were forced to sit down with the executive and tell him his actions were inappropriate and needed to stop immediately.

According to the Journal's Emily Glazer, "Microsoft executives discovered emails between Mr. Gates and a midlevel female employee at the company while Mr. Gates was still an employee at Microsoft and chairman of the board, according to people familiar with the matter. In the messages, the then-married Mr. Gates was flirtatious and propositioned the female employee, the people said."

The report notes that the Microsoft board was notified about the emails that could have resulted in a massive lawsuit, but took no action because there was no physical interactions between Gates and the unnamed employee.

Glazer also reports, "Mr. Gates didn't deny the exchanges, told the executives in hindsight it wasn't a good idea and said that he would stop, the people said," while noting the executive was still married at the time.

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WATCH: A doctor explains why Colin Powell was susceptible to COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated

Appearing on CNN Monday morning just hours after it was reported former Secretary of State Colin Powell had passed away due to complications from COVID-19, a doctor explained how his death could have come about despite being fully vaccinated.

Speaking with hosts Erica Hill and Jim Sciutto, Dr. Jonathan Reiner of George Washington University stated that the 84-year-old Powell had the underlying health conditions doctors have been warning about when pressing everyone to get vaccinated to protect the immunocompromised.

"Colin Powell's family in their statement said that he was fully vaccinated but had died from complications of COVID-19," Sciutto reported. "We've now learned that he had multiple myeloma according to a source familiar with the matter. This is a cancer of the plasma cells and it can suppress your immune system. It's important to put this in context."

'Right," replied Reiner. "Multiple myeloma is a disease that itself suppresses the immune system but it's also important to understand that the treatment for multiple myeloma, which patients often take every day, itself can suppress the immune system. So General Powell represented our most vulnerable population in this country; he was over the age of 80, he had cancer, and a treatment for his cancer made him vulnerable."

"When we try to convince young people, who feel they are low risk from the virus itself, why they need to be vaccinated, it's to protect our treasures, our people like General Powell, our grandparents, because while, you know, a 25-year-old may do quite well with the infection, if they spread it to someone like General Powell, they will not," he elaborated before adding, "That is the imperative for vaccination in this country."

"My father had that same condition," Sciutto interjected. "And the thing is of course it makes you more vulnerable and you end up dying from the infection, Sadly, the fact is, it is already being used yet again as disinformation, right? against the vaccine. I won't repeat it, but it is already being used, so for folk who hear this, what do you say to those people who say, 'Well, wait a second, why should i get vaccinated?"

'Well, because vaccines do work," the doctor explained, adding, "And, in fact, for our most vulnerable a boost dramatically lowers the risk of such a terrible outcome."

Watch below:

CNN 10 18 2021 10 16 55 youtu.be

Trump lawyer's employer furious they're being shunned because he wrote notorious 'coup memo'

According to Bulwark columnist Laura K. Field, the think tank that employs John Eastman, author of the legal memo asserting Congress could set aside the will of the voters and award the 2020 presidential election to Donald Trump, is furious they are under fire for his continued employment and are being punished for that offense. Eastman's memo has been derided by his critics as the "coup memo."

At issue, Field writes, is a dispute between the Claremont Institute and American Political Science Association, which chose to cancel appearances by Eastman at their conference over fears he might draw protesters and disrupt the proceedings.

That explanation didn't mollify Ryan Williams, president of the think tank, who issued a statement reading, in part: "Last Friday [i.e., September 24], I made the decision to withdraw the Claremont Institute's program [from the annual APSA meeting] this year after APSA, without explanation, moved all 10 of our panels (and our reception) to a "virtual" format. Though APSA Executive Director Steven Smith would never confirm directly, it became clear that Claremont Institute Senior Fellow John Eastman's independent role as President Donald Trump's attorney during challenges to the 2020 election was at issue."

He then added, "When we inquired for specifics, so that we might assess the safety of the rest of Claremont staff and participants in Seattle and prepare accordingly, we got no response. . . . APSA decided to cave to the mob this time, betraying a core principle of academic freedom and republicanism: reasoned debate about even the most controversial political and intellectual topics."

Noting that Claremont has doubled down in their defense of Eastman, with Williams writing in fundraising letters stating, "Under the excellent leadership of John C. Eastman, our Claremont legal team continues to be the 'point of the spear'—always arguing our cases based on originalist, natural law-based principles consistent with the Founders' Constitution, and not on 'international law' or multiculturalist ideology and 'tribalism.'" Field writes that leadership of the organization only have themselves to blame for falling out of favor.

"The Claremont Institute's leadership has backed itself into a corner. Straight propaganda and misinformation outlets are dime-a-dozen on the right today. Claremont's value-added is its perceived intellectual seriousness, which comes from publishing the Claremont Review of Books, organizing speakers and panels at APSA, and hosting conferences and receptions," she accused. "These days, though, the Claremont Review is not what it once was, and Claremont's web publication, the American Mind, routinely publishes pieces that damage the institute's reputation for intellectual integrity. And so their involvement in APSA is one of the few external legitimating elements remaining. Once that is lost, so goes much of the intellectual patina that is the Claremont trademark."

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'You know nothing about us': Ted Cruz humiliated by Australian leader for lecturing them on COVID-19

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was on the receiving end of an international smackdown after he tweeted about Australia's COVID-19 rates, only to have Australia's Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner fire back, telling the Texas Republican, "You know nothing about us."

On Sunday, Cruz shared a clip of Gunner talking about COVID-19 rates and how citizens would be fined for not following newly implemented vaccine rules. Cruz commented, "I love the Aussies. Their history of rugged independence is legendary; I've always said Australia is the Texas of the Pacific," before adding, "The Covid tyranny of their current government is disgraceful and sad. Individual liberty matters. I stand with the people of Australia."

Gunner responded on Twitter:

"Hey Ted Cruz, g'day from the Northern Territory in Australia. Here are some facts. Nearly 70,000 Texans have tragically died from COVID. There have been zero deaths in the Territory. Did you know that?" he wrote before adding, "Vaccination is so important here because we have vulnerable communities and the oldest continuous living culture on the planet to protect. Did you know that?"

He then added, "We don't need your lectures, thanks mate. You know nothing about us. And if you stand against a lifesaving vaccine, then you sure as hell don't stand with Australia. I love Texas (go Longhorns), but when it comes to COVID, I'm glad we are nothing like you."

You can see the tweets below:

IN OTHER NEWS: Morning Joe panel issues a warning -- and explains how the GOP could win in 2024 'in a landslide':

Morning Joe panel issues a warning -- and explains how the GOP could win in 2024 'in a landslide' youtu.be

CPAC leader scrutinized for allegedly funneling millions into his own pocket: report

According to a report from the Daily Beast's William Bredderman, one of the top executives with the American Conservative Union -- the group behind the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) -- is being scrutinized for allegedly pocketing millions from the group's non-profit wing and leaving important information off of IRS disclosure forms.

The report focuses on Vice Chairman Charlie Gerow, claiming he and one other director have reaped millions through direct payments and through outside vendors he has a financial interest in.

As Bredderman wrote, "The ACU, best known as the group behind the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, has enriched companies belonging to two of its directors to the tune of $4 million in the past five years," adding, "This cash has poured out of the ACU's own coffers, out of its political committees, and straight from the pockets of the right-wing rank and file into firms controlled by Vice Chairman Charlie Gerow—now a candidate for governor of Pennsylvania—and Kimberly Bellissimo, secretary of the ACU's foundation."

As an example, the report notes that in the past two years, the ACU has paid out $153,315 to Quantum Communication in Pennsylvania which lists Gerow as its CEO.

According to one attorney, the ACU failed to disclose that information, answering "no" when asked "a series of questions on its federal 990 form about whether it had hired any company in which one of its directors held a position or interest."

As Marcus Owens, an attorney who formerly directed the IRS's charities division, that could constitute perjury.

"It certainly sounds like that's the sort of relationship that should trigger disclosure in at least one place in the return," he explained. "If they answered that question incorrectly, and they are doing business with firms in which the officers, directors, and key employees have an ownership interest or are themselves officers and directors of those other firms, it's difficult to say that isn't material."

The report also notes that Bellissimo has also been the recipient of money from the non-profit conservative group.

"The group's federal committees have also dumped money into Bellissimo's firms: $116,756.25 to her company ForthRight Strategy for graphic design and printing, and $516,418.16 to Direct Support Services—a company registered in Bellissimo's name and based out of ForthRight's offices—mostly for "database management.'" Bredderman reported.

You can read more here.

Morning Joe panel issues a warning -- and explains how the GOP could win in 2024 'in a landslide'

A discussion on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on comments made by Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), who said he didn't see Donald Trump successfully winning the 2024 presidential election, led to an agreement by host Joe Scarborough and marketing expert Donny Deutsch that the GOP could reclaim the White House that year -- as long as Trump wasn't the Republican Party candidate.

Speaking with Axios, the Louisana Republican questioned whether Trump could even be the nominee, saying, "President Trump is the first president in the Republican side at least to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency in four years. Elections are about winning."

Using that as a springboard, host Scarborough asked Deutsch whether Cassidy was off base with his comments.

"Does Donald Trump still own the Republican Party? Yes," Scarborough began. "But that Republican Party is a lot smaller and a lot less influential in suburbs across America and more educated Americans if you look at the polling number. Again, I know everybody is scared of Donald Trump, it just does not seem like the trend lines are going well for him in terms of putting together a coalition that can win."

"Here is the fact," Deutsch exclaimed. "If the Republicans ran anybody but Donald Trump, they would win in a landslide. Anybody just right of center."

"Anybody?" the MSNBC host prompted. "Donny, nobody has said this enough. You go back and look at 2020, Democrats were shocked by how badly they underperformed in the House and shocked how badly they underperformed in the Senate. Donald Trump had to work overtime to make Mitch McConnell the minority leader in Georgia -- they had to work overtime to lose that. You look at state legislatures across America that were less connected to Trump and they did very well. You look at governorships less connected to Trump and they did very well. Republicans had a pretty, darn good election cycle in 2020 despite the fact they should have been wiped off the face of the political earth because of the insanity and the neo-fascism Donald Trump was pushing."

"If anybody except for Trump ran, they would have won by 20 points," Scarborough added.

"I would like to to see polls, a poll of Trump against Biden, which I think Trump would eke out a victory, " Deutsch claimed. "But then I want to see polls with Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis or fill in the blank and they'll win by double digits. You know, I live in this bubble and this very kind of blue state and I can't tell you the unrest with the feeling the Democrats are in control and running things and Biden is not putting his hands on the wheel and nobody on deck. That is the concern the Democrats have. If Republicans are smart they would move away from Trump. Can they and will they? You and I don't know that. But, clearly, if they did, it would be a landslide."

Watch below:

Morning Joe panel issues a warning -- and explains how the GOP could win in 2024 'in a landslide' youtu.be

Republicans fear Trump will 'drive the car off the cliff' as they look at midterms: report

As Republicans begin to ramp up their efforts to reclaim the House and the Senate in the 2022 midterm election that is just over a year away, there is increasing concern among party leaders and campaign consultants that former president Donald Trump will derail all of their hard work.

According to a report from the New York Times' Jeremy Peters, fears are growing that the former president will intercede in elections where he could have a negative impact -- which could be devastating to voter turnout for GOP candidates in tight races.

As Peters notes, Trump's demand that candidates support his claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him threatens to make the midterms all about the former president which was a contributing factor when the GOP lost the House in 2018 and the Senate in 2020.

"The G.O.P.'s ambitions of ending unified Democratic control in Washington in 2022 are colliding with a considerable force that has the ability to sway tens of millions of votes: former President Donald J. Trump's increasingly vocal demands that members of his party remain in a permanent state of obedience, endorsing his false claims of a stolen election or risking his wrath," Peters wrote before adding, "The former president's fixation on disproved conspiracy theories is frustrating to many in his party who see it as needlessly divisive at a time when Republicans feel they are poised to take back the House of Representatives and perhaps the Senate in the 2022 midterm elections. They worry he could cost Republicans otherwise winnable seats in Congress and complicate the party's more immediate goal of winning the governor's race in Virginia next month."

Explaining that Trump is able to motivate his base to turn out, the report also makes note that he hurts the party with swing voters and also turns out Democrats.

One concern is that Trump's attacks on election security will depress GOP turnout -- as evidenced by what happened in the Georgia run-off that led to Democrats claiming two seats in the U.S. Senate which turned Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) into the minority leader.

As Peters writes, "One of the most concerned is Senator Mitch McConnell, the minority leader. Mr. McConnell has told colleagues that he is concerned Mr. Trump's campaign to relitigate the 2020 election could depress confidence among Republican voters and hurt the party's chances at winning back the majority it lost this year after Democrats captured Georgia's two Senate seats," adding, "Republican critics of Mr. Trump said that history was repeating itself. 'Republicans should have learned this lesson after the Georgia debacle,' said Scott Reed, a veteran party strategist who has worked to elect Republicans to the Senate for three decades."

Former GOP lawmaker Barbara Comstock was more direct in her criticism of the former president.

"Here is where Trump is so destructive," Comstock, who lost her House seat in the so-called 2018 "Blue Wave" election.

"He doesn't want other people to win without groveling to him. That's the threat," she added. "It's not about winning. It's all about him. And that's what's so stupid about Republicans even trying to deal with him, because you never know when he'll drive the car off the cliff."

You can read more here.

Trump's civil suit deposition on Monday could come back to haunt him: former federal prosecutor

According to a former federal prosecutor, answers that Donald Trump gives in a civil lawsuit deposition on Monday will likely be closely scrutinized by multiple prosecutors investigating the ex-president and could come back to haunt him in court cases yet to be filed.

Trump has been ordered by Justice Doris Gonzalez of the Bronx supreme court to give a videotaped deposition at Trump Tower on Monday that will be used as part of a "lawsuit brought by a group of demonstrators who said his security guard assaulted them during a 2015 demonstration outside Trump Tower," the Guardian has reported.

Speaking with MSNBC host Alex Witt, attorney and legal analyst Tali Farhadian stated that answers Trump gives about how the Trump Organization operates could become fodder for other investigations.

"It looks like this deposition is a go," host Witt began. "What do you think lawyers will ask Donald Trump?"

"Well, the question at the heart of this case is whether Donald Trump directed his security to assault the protesters who have brought this lawsuit," Farhadian replied before noting, "And, you know, it's interesting because it's a low-profile case from the presidential campaign, but it does represent the first time that Donald Trump is going to be asked a question like that under oath and I think that a world of lawyers, prosecutors, investigators, are going to be listening for that answer."

"Okay, so when you say whether the president directed them to rough these people up, how could that be verbally expressed?" host Witt pressed. "Because we've heard Donald Trump saying himself, in rallies over the years, he would like to knock somebody out, or he's going to rough somebody up. Is that the kind of thing that could get him into trouble legally here? Would it have to be 'I want you to beat them up'? How is that going to work, the interpretation of what he said?"

"Well, the protesters who have sued him are going to want to use the kind of evidence that you've just described, Alex, where we can impute to him the direction of his organization based on the stuff that he's said," the attorney explained. "What I think they would get into in the deposition is more trying to understand, how does he run his company, how regularly does he direct his security to do one thing or another? And those questions about how he runs his organization, what kind of manager he is, are really swirling around in a lot of the litigations and lawsuits that involve him."

"So depending on what he says and how he says it, come tomorrow, is there any way he could get into bigger trouble than where it stands right now?" the MSNBC host asked.

"Yes," Farhadian confirmed. "I think that, if he does in fact testify under oath, you know, give the deposition tomorrow, where the judge has said at the extremes he could have until the end of the month, then his next strategy, I anticipate, will be to try to keep whatever he said hidden, to keep it sealed and not disclosed, because as I said earlier, whatever he says there about how he directed his security could be really interesting to the people who want to know how else he runs his affairs."

"You know, Alex, I was just thinking, it would probably take us all afternoon to list all of the litigations and investigations that involve Donald Trump right now, ranging from January 6 to the defamation suits by E. Jean Carroll and Summer Zervos," she added.

Watch below:

MSNBC 10 17 2021 13 52 31 youtu.be

Trump is finding out the hard way that he can't always get what he wants: CNN columnist

In a biting column for CNN, Richard Galant ridiculed Donald Trump's losing streak and claimed one-termer is getting a dose of reality now that he is no longer in office.

Noting that the president has long been a fan of using the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want" at his rallies, Galant pointed out that the former president is failing to heed the lyrics.

"The theme of wishes denied seems apt for Trump these days. The former President keeps railing against the 2020 election results, falsely claiming Joe Biden's victory was fraudulent. On Wednesday, he broke new ground by saying Republicans won't vote in 2022 and 2024 if 'we don't solve the presidential election fraud of 2020...It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do,'" Gallant wrote before wryly pointing out, "But the election is settled -- Trump can't get what he wants."

Add to that, he wrote, Trump's attempt to use "executive privilege" to stop former aides from providing documents and speaking to the House committee investigating the Jan 6th Capitol riot that he helped inspire is likely to go down in flames too.

"Another thing Trump wants is executive privilege -- to quash fact-finding by the House select committee on the January 6 insurrection. He can't have that either," the CNN correspondent wrote before quoting CNN legal analyst Norman Eisen explaining, "Trump is no longer 'the President.' In the United States we still only have one of those at a time -- and President Joe Biden has not asserted privilege here. On the contrary, the Biden administration has cooperated with Congress, waiving privilege so far when it comes to witnesses and documents alike."

You can read more here.

'He never used to be this insane': MSNBC panel piles on Ron Johnson over his latest comments about ivermectin

An MSNBC panel reacted with a mixture of fury and disgust on Sunday afternoon after watching a clip of Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Fox tell host Maria Bartiromo that the government and health officials refuse to promote ivermectin -- normally used to treat infections caused by roundworms and other parasites -- to treat Covid-19 because there is no money to be made on it.

Asked to weigh in first by host Jonathan Capehart, conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin blurted out "This is complete crap."

"What's he talking about?" host Capehart asked.

"He's talking about nothing and this is complete crap coming from him," Rubin shot back. "He never used to be this insane. He was a businessman and for years he operated like a kind of fiscal conservative, sort of normal Republican, but no more. He has jumped upon the Trump train, and let me be perfectly clear, to borrow from a Republican president, he is killing people."

"People listen to them," she continued. "They are dissuaded from taking a life-saving vaccine. He is contributing to death, he is not pro-life. He's helping to kill people, and he should be ashamed. I would hope the people of Wisconsin, if he decides to run for reelection, he hasn't quite decided, throw him out on his ear. We're reduced to one party willing for people to die so they can pay homage to this lunatic and keep their seats. It's nothing short of disgraceful."

Turning to Punchbowl News founder John Bresnahan, Capehart asked, "To Jennifer's point, Senator Johnson wasn't always like this. What's the view of him on the hill?"

"You know, his comments, he's been doing this for months," the journalist explained. "He's been doing it a long time. His comment is anti-vaccine; he's questioning the science behind vaccines. He's questioning -- talking about all this stuff. He's been doing this for a while, and he's made some really, really poorly thought out comments."

"Let's also point out here that people are giving him platforms to do this. and I think that's also -- you know, I mean, it is stunning to see a U.S. senator, a national political leader making these kind of comments where a year and a half into a pandemic that killed over 720,000 Americans," he added.

Watch below:

MSNBC 10 17 2021 11 40 51 youtu.be

Adam Schiff explains just how dangerous Kevin McCarthy will be if he becomes House speaker

Speaking with MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart on Sunday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) recalled a conversation he had with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) where the Republican admitted he had blatantly lied -- then used that example to make the case that McCarthy would be dangerous if the GOP reclaimed the House in 2022 and McCarthy was handed the speaker's gavel..

Using the story of his conversation with McCarthy as a springboard, Schiff went on to explain, "You can see how duplicitous so many of my colleagues are. That conversation was in 2010, it was long before Donald Trump."

"He was really made for an hour like this when his party is led by someone who believes that the truth isn't truth and you're entitled to your own alternate facts," he continued. "In my view, there's nothing more corrosive to a democracy than the idea that there's no truth and you cannot allow someone with that little regard for the truth to get anywhere near the speaker's office."

"If Kevin McCarthy were to become speaker, then functionally, Donald Trump would become speaker, because Kevin McCarthy would do anything that Donald Trump told him to do, no matter how wrong or unethical, and we cannot allow that to happen," he continued before adding, "So, look, I think in the midterms, very much in a real, not intangible sense, democracy will be on the ballot."

Watch below:

MSNBC 10 17 2021 10 10 17 youtu.be

'We're not messing around here': Adam Schiff puts subpoenaed Trump aides on notice during MSNBC interview

Speaking with "Sunday Show" host Jonathan Capehart on MSNBC, Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA) explained what Donald Trump advisor Steve Bannon can expect from this week from the House committee investigating the Capitol insurrection before delivering a warning to all of Trump's former aides balking at appearing.

"The process on Thursday night, we'll be voting on a report in the committee," Schiff explained. "The report concludes that Bannon should be held in contempt, he failed to appear, he has no reasonable explanation for that failure to appear, and that will then go to the full House. The full House will vote to hold him in criminal contempt, and then the speaker will ultimately refer that contempt to the Justice Department, where the statute says that the Justice Department has the duty to present it to the grand jury."

After correcting himself and saying the vote will be on Tuesday, the California Democrat added, "I don't know the date we will take it up on the floor. We hope to take it up very soon, but we're not messing around here. We're moving very expeditiously. To me, this is an early sign of whether our democracy is recovering, whether it's true that no one is above the law, that the rule of law must apply. So we intend to go after anyone who doesn't provide information that they're lawfully compelled to, to our committee."

Watch below:

MSNBC 10 17 2021 10 04 17 youtu.be

Jon Stewart warns why it's 'a mistake' to focus too much on Donald Trump

Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" with host Jake Tapper, comedian and social critic Jon Stewart warned that Americans -- and the media -- are spending way too much time focusing on Donald Trump's antics while a great many other dangers to the country are being ignored.

"You were talking a second ago about identifying the weak points in the guardrails of democracy, it's also obvious," host Tapper suggested. "I know you have spoken about this in the past, that Donald Trump has also identified those weak points. He is now endorsing candidates for secretary of state in battleground states, candidates who are all in on the big lie in Arizona."

"I think we make a mistake focusing this all on Donald Trump as though he is -- I don't know, [Marvel comic's] Magneto and some incredible supervillain that has changed the nature and temperature of the United States. He has just been an effective vessel," Stewart replied.

"Again, he is not singing new songs," Stewart continued. "This is something -- he is maybe singing them better than [Barry] Goldwater. But I think it's a mistake to focus it all on this one individual and not to focus it more on the idea that power is its own reward, whether it be in the financial industry or in government. Power doesn't cede itself. Unless we can figure out a better way to balance that power for, you know -- for workers and voters and different groups, we will be vulnerable."

"I don't know that autocracy is purely the domain of Donald Trump," he added.

Watch below:

CNN 10 17 2021 09 31 19 www.youtube.com

WATCH: Pete Buttigieg slaps aside conservatives criticizing his paternity leave

Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday morning, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg perfectly dismissed conservative critics who took issue with his taking paternity leave following the premature birth of his twins.

Sitting down with host Jake Tapper, the Democrat sat and watched a clip of Fox News host Tucker Carlson making a crude joke about "breastfeeding" -- which led Buttigieg to make his case.

"What's your response?" host Tapper asked.

"As you might imagine, we are bottle feeding and doing it at all hours of the day and night," Buttigieg explained while smiling. "I'm not going to apologize to Tucker Carlson or anyone else for taking care of our premature twins. The work we are doing is joyful, fulfilling, important work -- it's important work and it's work that every American ought to be able to do whenever they welcome a new child into their family."

"I campaigned on that, so did the president, by the way," he continued. "We are pretty much the only country left that doesn't have some kind of national policy for paid leave. I think it's us and New Guinea. It's past time to make it possible for every American, mother and father, to take care of their children when a new child arrived in the family."

Watch below:

CNN 10 17 2021 09 07 49 youtu.be

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