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Mitt Romney Thinks High Private Sector Growth and 4.3 Million New Jobs is a "Moral Failure of Tragic Proportions"

Mitt Romney is a liar. Lately, I'm finding it physically painful to listen to this man speak, or to read his remarks because he is shameless, unethical, and a bald-faced liar. It is unclear who Romney thinks he's running against, but it is clear that he is not running against President Obama. At least, he's not running against "IRL" President Obama. Mitt Romney is running against a strawman, all the while erecting strawmen and promptly setting them on fire.

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Terry "Burnin' Qur'ans for Jesus" Jones Hangs Obama in Effigy

It has been one of those weeks, people. One of those weeks. You ever had one of those?

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Study Shows Media Coverage Favors Romney, Not Obama

A snippet from my article posted at The Grio on Monday about the meme that will not die:

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The Greenwald/Scahill Kerfuffle

Politics is a blood-sport, and you never learn that more keenly than during an election year. Sometimes it's easy to forget that we're all human beings, no matter what we think of one another's politics.

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Republicans Block Paycheck Fairness Act; Debunking their Talking Points

Now that the  Paycheck Fairness Act was defeated, 52-47, you can expect the Republicans to jump-start a meme that they started a few weeks ago. I wrote about it yesterday, but it was buried in another post, so I thought I'd do a quickie re-post that explains exactly why that meme is bullshit.

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Democrats? Prepare to be Devastated by the GOP's 'Devastating' Ad on the #WarOnWomen

This video is supposed to be devastating.  Devastating!  Sure, ok -- if by "devastating" you meant "Laugh OL ridiculous."

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Paycheck Fairness Act: Let's See Where the GOP Stands on the #WaronWomen

Republicans have been trying desperately to reframe the GOP's relentless assault on women's rights as a war being waged on women by Democrats.

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Florida Rep. Cliff Stearns Thinks Women "Making" An Abortion Should Face Criminal Charges

I wrote last week about PRENDA and how the Republicans are attempting to push a narrative that the "real" war on women is being waged by Democrats and President Obama because they are perfectly willing to allow the murder of pre-born girls. I also wrote that that particular narrative is a crock.

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New York Congresswoman's Spokesman Who Suggested "Throwing Acid on Female Senators" Resigns

Last week a top campaign aide for Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY) jokingly claimed that Hayworth supporters should "hurl some acid" at female democratic Senators who claim to be fighting the War on Women but who pay their female staffers less:

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ABL on The Hal Sparks Radio Program Talking -- Ranting, Really -- About Lady Business and Drones [Updated]

Today was chock full of ranty goodness. Enjoy. As for me, I'm off to Manhattan Beach to enjoy brunch, the sun, and champagne cocktails with my good friend Ramy. Mimosas! Six Deep!

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Mitt Romney Wants to Make it Easier for you to Hunt and Shoot Your Family

[This is old news.  It broke on May 10th or so, which in blog years, means the first person to publish it was Johannes Gutenberg. But I don't care.  I love this little nugget of GTFO.  I'm a grammar enthusiast and I can't not address this, so cut me a little slack, wontcha?]

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