It has been one of those weeks, people. One of those weeks. You ever had one of those?

Of course you have.

After having had one of those weeks, I find it hard to get outraged by the stupid shenanigans of a pastor who swiped his mustache from Yosemite Sam. Nonetheless, if Pastor Terry Jones is going to keep doing dumb shit, then I'm going to blog about it because it is my sworn duty, and if I didn't, I just wouldn't be able to live with myself -- or something.

::clears throat::

Pastor Terry Jones, the whackadoodle who brought the country to the brink of disaster with his "I'm totally gonna burn this here Qur'an, you guys!" debacle of 2010 (which I wrote about here), and the subsequent "LMAO! J/K! No, I'm not!" cop-out (which I wrote about here), dialed up the crazy today and decided to hang Obama in effigy outside his church in Florida. Yup!

Because if there's one thing that goes together like Twinkies and cream, it's a black man with a noose around his neck:

The effigy is suspended from a makeshift gallows with a noose of yellow rope, has a doll in its right hand and a rainbow-colored gay pride flag in its left.

In a telephone interview with The Huffington Post, Jones said the flag was meant to call attention to Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage and that the baby doll is there because the president is “favorable toward abortion.”

Jones also said that radical Islam is “the most dangerous threat to life and national security in America.”

There is also an Uncle Sam dummy standing at the base of the gallows outside the DWOC. Jones told HuffPost that the Obama effigy had originally been positioned to be hanging Uncle Sam when the display went up two weeks ago, but that the church changed the display on Wednesday.

The words “Obama is Killing America” are printed on a trailer nearby.


I love that Obama is clutching a doll, as if to say "where the tiny white women at?!"

In your hand, Mr. President. In your scary black hand.