Jim Jordan was deeply involved in Trump's attempted coup – and the evidence is appalling

The net is tightening around Jimbo. As more damning text messages, testimony and phone call records encircle the pint-sized pol from Urbana, Jim Jordan should be breaking out in a cold sweat. The 4th District U.S. congressman should be squirming in his shirt sleeves with each new revelation trickling out about his behind-the-scenes treachery leading up to and including Jan. 6.

After all, a sitting member of Congress publicly exposed as a central player in a nefarious plot to overturn a certified election should be toast, right? Someone who willfully chose loyalty to a megalomaniac over allegiance to country should be forced to slink into oblivion as a scorned turncoat, right? Jordan, we are fast learning, was deeply involved in the attempted coup to overthrow our government of the people. He conspired to cancel the 2020 votes cast by millions of his fellow Americans and reverse the outcome of a decided election for his Il Duce.

What the Ohio Republican did was nothing short of treasonous and we don’t know the half of it — yet.

But Jordan doesn’t care what the select U.S. House committee investigating Jan. 6 finds out about his dirty work to destroy the democracy he swore to support and defend. Not at all. You may be stunned by new disclosures of how far he was willing to go to keep a loser in power, his overtures to the White House, furtive meetings with fellow plotters to circumvent the Constitution, forwarded plans to have the vice president unilaterally determine the results of the 2020 election by refusing to count the certified electoral votes of the winner.

You may find it appalling that little Jordan was in the loop on every underhanded scheme to seize a second term for a president who vowed to never accept the consequences of an election he lost. You may be rightly alarmed at the fascist plans Jordan considered to nullify an election defeat and put the Constitution on the run — from (fake) electors casting votes for Trump in states that went to Biden to confiscating voting machines and a chilling Reichstag reach with martial law.

But the Ohio Republican is loving the limelight. He doesn’t care what context his name is mentioned in so long as it’s mentioned. That’s been his MO from the beginning. Get noticed. Disrupt. Attack. Rinse and repeat. Grab attention, not for doing anything in 15 years to improve life for constituents, but for performing for rolling TV cameras. The drama queen even concocted a distinctive wardrobe look to be conspicuous among a sea of suits.

His self-serving theatrics worked. Jordan wormed his way into a national profile with lots of juvenile foot stamping. He saw an opportunity to tether his political ambitions to another TV performer, who also craved attention, and became Trump’s pet toady on the road to infamy. Proximity to power was a heady trip for Jordan. It was a short leap from craven sycophant to coup plotter.

He’s already salivating about the show he’ll put on as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee when (as expected) Republicans take back the chamber in November. Maybe he’ll make a bid for speaker if Kevin McCarthy goes down in flames. Jordan is clearly fantasizing about his rising political fortunes. He doesn’t care a whit about fallout from his betrayal of democratic principles that hold free and fair elections sacrosanct.

What does Jordan have to fear? Not the Democrats in fleeting power. Not the Jan. 6 committee. Not Ohio voters he can take for granted in his gerrymandered district. Certainly, not the party base tithed to Trump. Jordan secured his MAGA bona fides by trying to steal an election for the Dear Leader, for Pete’s sake.

He never stopped lying about the 2020 vote being rigged. Never stopped lying about his extensive complicity in a coup. Claimed to be an outlier. Couldn’t recall who he talked to or when. Lies. Dismissed the probe as a witch hunt. Refused to cooperate. Said questions about his apparently major role in overthrowing democracy violated “core constitutional principles.”

Dripping irony aside, Jordan is as fearless about being held accountable for Jan. 6 as Donald Trump. The smug congressman is answerable to no one. Untouchable. He doesn’t care that mounting evidence (phone calls, text messages, secret plans) puts him front and center in the cabal that tried to overturn an election. Like his exiled wannabe Mussolini, Jordan only cares about himself, his prominence, his intoxicating spotlight.

No doubt the unrestrained, unaccountable pol is already plotting paybacks, explosive committee hearings, invented scandals and a level of made-for-TV histrionics that will pave the way for 2024 for a return of you-know-who and the end of democracy as we know it. Freaked out? You should be because Jordan isn’t stopping.

He could erect billboards throughout his safe district with the words “I don’t care” splayed across in giant letters and still skate to reelection by a 2-1 margin. He doesn’t care about representative government. He tried to overturn it. But voters do — or should — if they have any hope of keeping their republic. It won’t happen without care.

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GOP Senate candidates ignore real issues facing Ohioans to put on repugnant political circus

Embarrassing doesn’t cover it. Offensive is better. The sad sacks duking it out (almost) to grab the crown in the Republican primary for Ohio’s open U.S. Senate seat have managed to insult just about every rational-thinking voter in the state. Good job, candidates, you’ve turned the GOP side of this race into a cheap side show instead of a serious conversation about what matters to the people you’re ostensibly running to serve.
What matters to Ohioans is having enough money to make it through the month. Jobs that pay livable wages instead of minimum scratch with zero benefits. Help with sticker shock medical costs that keep us up nights. Adequate funding for our perpetually cash poor public schools that educate most of our kids. Sensible safety policy we can all live with to counter epic gun violence. A commitment to Social Security and Medicare and their over two million beneficiaries in Ohio.

But the table talk issues that animate us are not what energize the Republican slate of Senate hopefuls in Ohio. No, these candidates are laser focused on whatever “culture war” Fox News is playing on a loop 24/7 — regardless of its irrelevance to ordinary Ohioans. C’mon. Parents aren’t up in arms over their “rights” being attacked in their neighborhood schools. What’s happening or not happening on the southern border isn’t a burning concern on Main Street. COVID-19 restrictions are history and empty rhetoric about a rigged election is old.

Yet instead of taking the pulse of what Ohioans want in their next U.S. Senator, GOP campaigners are taking their cue from Tucker Carlson and other right-wing carnival barkers. So, they prattle on and on about Fox News-generated “controversies” and feed conspiracy theories to the MAGA faithful that are full of holes. Matt Dolan, the so-called “moderate” in the race, railed against public schools indoctrinating students with critical race theory. (They’re not, and he knows it.)

Weathervane Jane Timpken, who defended Ohio Congressman Anthony Gonzales after his Jan. 6 impeachment vote then threw him under the bus when she became a candidate, sought MAGA love by attacking Anthony Fauci (for devoting his life to science and saving lives). J.D. Vance — a case in politically expedient reinvention if there ever was one — claimed massive voter fraud without a shred of evidence and, for good measure, dissed Ohio’s large Ukrainian community with galling indifference.

Transparently hollow Josh Mandel shamelessly prostrates himself before the thug of Mar-a-Largo with repeated falsehoods of a stolen election. Ditto Big Bucks Mike Gibbons, who promised to fully investigate the rampant (or nonexistent) cheating in 2020 that two years of nonstop scrutiny somehow missed. This is the best the Ohio Republican Party can offer statewide voters in senatorial material? A race to the bottom with straw men willing to say anything for a rise?

It’s bad enough that the bunch of Senate aspirants parroting Fox blather have left the mainstream in the dust. (I sympathize with principled Republicans whose morally bankrupt party has morphed into a white grievance-fueling, disgraced president-worshiping, hostile shell of its former self.) But when the power-hungry phonies get crossed wired in warring over the lowest common denominator, expect the worst.

Like two grown men chest-bumping at a forum for Ohio Republican Senate rivals. An adolescent dance between two forgettable clowns — a rich, self-important investor bankrolling his ambitions and a puffed up Pee-wee Herman itching for a fight. Yes sir, that’s what Ohioans are looking for in a U.S. Senator — knee-jerk macho idiocy. I’d say the Ohio GOP Senate campaign reached a nadir with the cringe-worthy face-off between Mike Gibbons and Josh Mandel, but we’ve still got a few weeks to go (maybe more?) to the primary.

The viral clip of the snarling pair would be funny if the position of U.S. Senator wasn’t so consequential to Ohio and the country. The weighty office in the upper chamber of Congress is not a prize for the winner of the most clueless, (Gibbons on non-oppressed women) juvenile, incendiary, deceitful, Trumpiest performer in a three-ring circus. Being elected to the U.S. Senate to represent all Ohioans from MAGA cultists to Bernie Sanders believers, is a privilege that should be earned on the merits of record, reputation and demonstrated resolve to deliver meaningful pragmatic change back home.

Strength of character should also be a job requirement. Unfortunately for us, that qualification is not a deal-breaker for high office. Ohio Sen. Rob Portman leaves office as a coward who preferred silence to spine. He kept his mouth shut when his voice could have spoken truth. His muted response to the deceit and impeachable conduct of a corrupt leader who tried to extort Ukraine for political dirt, overthrow his own government and who continues to lie about a rigged election, speaks volumes about Portman’s backbone.

Can we expect better from an offensive clown show with arrested development?



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The law-flouting, truth-denying, science-deriding Trumpian Republican extremists are the real RINOs

It’s the MAGA battle cry heading into the primaries.

“He’s a grandstanding RINO.”-Donald Trump about retiring Ohio Republican congressman Anthony Gonzalez who voted to impeach him for Jan 6.

“Mike DeWine is the biggest RINO in America today.”-Jim Renacci, Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate about the Republican incumbent.

“Ohio is not going to tolerate RINOs anymore.”-Marjorie Taylor Green in endorsing Ohio Republican J.D. Vance for the U.S. Senate.

“This guy [DeWine] is the epitome of a RINO; he’s everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.”-Josh Mandel, Ohio Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

They’ve got it all wrong. Those screaming the pejorative acronym “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) at Republicans they jeer as squishy conservatives, have it backwards. They, the norm-breaking, law-flouting, truth-denying, science-deriding extremists, are the real RINOs. They’re the posers, as far from what used to pass for traditional conservatives as neofascists can get. Definitely not your father’s GOP.

One historian mused that the intellectual predecessors of today’s “Republicans” wouldn’t even recognize them as members of the same party. ‘Gotta say, not even close to the Ohio Republicans I’ve known, respected and even voted for in bygone years. That’s because the real RINOs don’t give a damn about actual conservative values. They dismiss expertise, obstruct accountability, thwart progress, support regression. The real RINOs champion no policies. They offer no problem-solving, no persuasive arguments. Just clickbait attacking Democrats as the antichrists on social media.

They peddle fear and loathing for likes. The media is fake and hateful. Godless liberals are ruining everything pure and wholesome and white in America. The more apocalyptic the outrage, the better. It’s a power trip. Light a match on Twitter and watch it all burn. So what if you shred the fabric of the nation in the process? Self-styled conservatives don’t want to conserve the foundations of the American experiment. They want to dismantle them outright. They voted to overturn a free and fair democratic election after a terrorizing assault on the U.S. Capitol, for Pete’s sake.

The real RINOs are also zero-sum game combatants — out to defeat Republicans who aren’t. These Party of Lincoln pretenders sidle up to white supremacists, lend legitimacy to bigots and lean into “justifiable” insurrection to become far-right celebs. They foment racial division, fuel anti-Semitism and lie through their teeth 24/7 about a “stolen” election that wasn’t. They cheer the “patriots” who viciously beat police, trashed the Capitol and hunted down lawmakers in a violent siege to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

The real RINOs are shameless opportunists looking for nationwide fame and fundraising fortune. To that end, they are willing to fatally wound the last best hope for democracy in the world by pledging total allegiance to a traitorous ex-president who nearly destroyed it.

While the vindictive snake plots his comeback to the White House as a Putinesque thug, the Republicans in name only grovel for his endorsement as an Orwellian badge of honor. Up is down. Black is white. The sore loser of the 2020 presidential election is the legitimate winner. And radical rightists, lining up to return a man to power who nearly ended the republic, are Republicans with firm beliefs in conserving the Republic.

In that alternate universe, the characters masquerading as “true conservatives” are traipsing around the country getting rich on the gullible as ultra-right provocateurs. They are essentially grifters exploiting white grievance and preaching the false gospel of MAGA on a lucrative circuit selling extreme. They rake in mega bucks in donations. With the fervor of an old-fashioned tent revival, they spread hate and stoke anger, feed intolerance and cultivate mistrust, plant conspiracy and taunt militancy.

They rally to “Take America Back.” Back to where? To a place where the superiority of white men was unquestioned? To a place where liberty and justice are denied to all but a chosen few — the authentic Americans that meet select litmus tests? Is unwavering loyalty to a corrupt authoritarian who incited an assault on Congress essential for Republicans who want to win primaries?

Will those who dare speak truth to voters about the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory — and reject the false, self-serving narrative constantly repeated by the vanquished — be the target of RINO slurs by Trumpian agitators?

Yes, to all of the above. But as history professor Robert McElvaine wrote for NBC News, we need to stop providing the cover of Republican legitimacy to those who have, by their cravenness, given up any claim to the legacy of Lincoln’s party. We need to call them what they truly are, “to make it easier for the public to see what they’re doing.”

He has suggestions.

“One accurate name for those who shroud their anti-republican actions in the false label “Republican” would be the “Anti-Republican Party; other truthful designations could include the Authoritarian Party; the Autocracy Party, the Radical Rightwing Party or the Anti-American Party.”

Any will do. They all aptly describe those trumpeting the RINO battle cry.

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Abject sycophant Jim Jordan can’t lie his way out of Jan. 6 role

Jim Jordan is a bad liar. The Ohio congressman can’t pull off deceit like the Dear Leader of the MAGA cult. The diminutive Jordan is wont to stammer, backtrack, draw a blank, deny, admit, or squirm like a trapped weasel. Not a good look for Ohio’s 4th U.S. Congressional District Republican who fancies himself a firebrand in shirt sleeves owning the libs. But the former wrestling champ who came to Congress to brawl — not improve lives through constructive legislating — may well lose a looming takedown by the truth.

Jordan is a small-town opportunist who got a taste of fame as the darling of the Tea Party movement and saw scorched earth theatrics as his ticket to the top. Constituents in his gerrymandered district could count on their representative to rail on cue for the television cameras — and nothing else. Jordan’s histrionics shifted into high gear when a voracious cable TV addict occupied the Oval Office. The Urbana Republican shrewdly tailored his tantrums for an audience of one.

For his abject sycophancy, Jordan was singled out by the most powerful man on earth at rallies and heralded as a MAGA prince. It was heady recognition for an otherwise unremarkable politician. His fierce allegiance to the Dear Leader elevated his profile far beyond the 4th District and Jordan became infamous on the national stage. He would not be deterred in his pursuit of greater glory even after the 2020 election was called for a new president. Not even to defend the peaceful transfer of power central to democracy.

Instead, Jordan prostrated himself at the altar of fascism in service to a sore loser. He plotted to overturn the will of millions of fellow Americans based on a lie spread by the aforementioned loser. When the seditious strategies of fellow plotters failed to seize unearned power for the imperious leader, Jordan spun into character and voted to reject the certified outcome of a free and fair election — because, as he ranted pointlessly, it didn’t make sense. That’s it. Jordan’s preferred candidate simply could not have lost, according to him. It was instinctive, if not factual. Compare the size of campaign rallies, he charged. Surely that showed something was wrong with the results.

Even the bloodthirsty rampage of insurrectionists, who trashed the U.S. Capitol, battered police and hunted down lawmakers prepared to formalize President-elect Biden’s victory, didn’t give the congressman pause. That is the true measure of a little man who put personal gain over principle hours after a MAGA mob stormed the institution, he was privileged to serve in, hyped up on violence and vengeance. As evidence mounts of Jordan’s direct involvement in the attempted coup of our government, the MAGA Muppet is furiously tap dancing around incriminating text messages, confirmed meetings leading up to Jan. 6 and conversations with the seditionist-in-chief the day of — all aimed at subverting the Constitution Jordan swore to support and defend.

The Ohio right-winger is up to his neck in the unforgivable attack on our Capitol. He didn’t just amplify the baseless falsehoods of a “stolen election” at every opportunity to stoke MAGA rage until it exploded on Jan. 6. Jordan also worked zealously behind the scenes to steal a decided election for a megalomaniac who lost it fair and square. He advanced plans to scrap the people’s choice and install the loser by having the vice-president simply discard electoral votes Republicans disapproved of. It was a sinister ploy to mortally wound our democratic republic. And almost did.

Still, Jordan doubled down on his underhanded betrayal, by reverting to form and lashing out against those investigating the heinous assault on our democracy. We’ve seen this indignation act before with the Republican sell-out, remember? Jordan was implicated in the Ohio State scandal with credible evidence that nailed him for turning a blind eye toward the serial sexual assault of OSU students under his charge as a wrestling coach. The ongoing abuse, said former students, was so widespread and so well known, it was impossible for Jordan not to have known during his eight years at the school.

Yet Jordan not only denied any knowledge about the scores of college athletes abused by the school’s sports doctor, he also accused the victims of having personal vendettas against him and reportedly pressured one to recant his story lest it hurt the congressman’s career. Today, the same congressman accuses Democrats of being obsessed with Jan. 6 to conduct a protracted “witch hunt” against the twice-impeached disgraced president who sparked an insurrection against his own government.

Again, Jordan denied having any “relevant information” about the Capitol attack and refused to share knowledge of the barbaric event, even if he had it, because the bipartisan Select Committee was just out to get Jan. 6 plotters-turned-blameless bystanders like himself. He decried “the Democrats’ incessant focus on partisan investigations” and declared “the American people deserve better.”

He’s absolutely right. We do deserve better than diversions and denials from a bad liar who, by his own admission, aided and abetted the attempted steal of an election. Jordan recently basked in a standing ovation — inspired by the MAGA myth of massive election fraud in 2020 he helped perpetuate — rather than disavow what he knows is a lie. The Artful Dodger, whose notoriety is rooted in down and dirty deception that supersedes oath to country or actual public service, wants desperately to wrestle an escape from culpability.

But he’s no match for the truth.

Ohio Capital Journal is part of States Newsroom, a network of news bureaus supported by grants and a coalition of donors as a 501c(3) public charity. Ohio Capital Journal maintains editorial independence. Contact Editor David DeWitt for questions: info@ohiocapitaljournal.com. Follow Ohio Capital Journal on Facebook and Twitter.