White supremacist abandoned his child for over an hour so he could brutally assault Black man: police

Two Iowa men have been charged with a hate crime after they allegedly assaulted a Black man while yelling racial slurs, WeAreIowa reports. Joseph Rossing, 35, and Robert Shelton, 49, have both been charged with assault causing bodily injury in violations of individual rights.

"The criminal complaint says the victim suffered facial injuries causing him to bleed on the road, his car and shirt," WeAreIowa reports. "Rossing faces additional charges of child endangerment because he left his 9-year-old in the vehicle for over an hour while the incident occurred."

According to the Des Moines Register, the victim told police he slowed his car to tell Rossing and Shelton to get their children out of the street, where they were riding scooters. The victim said that Shelton yelled at him, and then both men approached his vehicle and pried his locked car door open.

"While Joseph and Robert were assaulting (the victim), they were yelling (racial slurs) ...' according to (the victim)," the police report said.

The Des Moines Register reports that Rossing is on parole and is a member of the Frys white supremacist gang. Shelton is currently on probation.

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Racist neighbor threatens mixed-race family ‘for hours’ as they hold baby shower

A Washington state woman has been slapped with a felony hate crime charge for repeatedly harassing and threatening her neighbors who are of mixed race, the Kitsap Sun reports.

Police were called this Friday when neighbors complained that Cassandra Louise Jameson, 38, was yelling racist slurs and threats "for hours" while they were having a baby shower. Jameson allegedly made racist comments about Mexican, Asian and Black people and indicated she had firearms or other weapons. Jameson is also allegedly accused the family of being "the cause of the flu."

The woman who called 9-11 is Saipanese and her husband is Black.

Jameson was also arrested this November after multiple people called 9-11 to report a vehicle driving recklessly. Court documents say Jameson refused to pull over and started a chase, during which she braked hard in front of a police vehicle.

"It was apparent that she had activated her brakes in order to get me to hit her vehicle," the deputy involved in the chase wrote in the report.

An infuriated Bill Barr dropped an f-bomb after learning of Matt Gaetz’s meddling in internal DOJ battle: report

Before news about the Justice Department's investigation into sex crimes allegedly committed by Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz broke, the controversial lawmaker was the center of a separate internal fight at the agency, POLITICO reports.

The U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Florida, Larry Keefe, who was nominated by former president Donald Trump, looked to open a wide-ranging probe into voter fraud in Florida just before Joe Biden was sworn in as president. The Public Integrity Section at the DOJ's headquarters thought the scope of the proposed investigation was too broad, prompting Keefe to turn to Gaetz, who in turn took Keefe's concerns to Trump.

"I said to him that an appreciation for the Keefe position on venue would give good U.S. attorneys in every capitol city the necessary jurisdiction to root out fraud," Gaetz said, according to POLITICO. "I also shared with President Trump that Keefe had faced substantial resistance from the Department of Justice."

Gaetz said that Trump then told White House counsel Pat Cipollone to pass Gaetz's message on to then-Attorney General William Barr. But when Barr learned of Gaetz's conversation with Trump, he was "incensed," POLITICO reports.

"If I ever hear of you talking to Gaetz or any other congressman again about business before the Department, I am going to f*cking fire your ass," Barr told Keefe.

Gaetz claimed to know nothing about the heated exchange.

"I am unaware of any discussion Barr had with Keefe," he told POLITICO, "but I did get a message from Keefe subsequent to my meeting in the Oval wherein Keefe said he was not going to be able to discuss these matters with me, and I got the sense that the politics of the Department of Justice were such that they did not want U.S. attorneys looking for election fraud in this type of very proactive way."

Read the full report over at POLITICO.

WATCH: GOP senator grumbles about ‘offensive’ Jim Crow hearing – then accuses liberals of ‘terrorism’ in angry rant

During a Senate Judiciary hearing on voting rights this Tuesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) launched into a rant saying that the hearing is an "attack on one of our states for enacting election integrity laws."

"National Democrats and big business have colluded to bully Georgia in retaliation for its new voting law," Grassley said, referring to the state's passage of a law that includes restrictions some activists say restrict the voting rights of minorities. "But we'd be naive to think that they'll stop with the Peach State."

Grassley went on to say that he objects to the title of the hearing, "Jim Crow 2021: The Latest Assault on the Right to Vote."

"Like others on this committee, I'm a fan of history -- I try to learn from it. I don't use it to insult my opponents," he continued. "As I said, the title of this hearing is offensive, and as a student of history, this title diminishes the very real challenges and unfairness that minorities endured in the Jim Crow south at the hands of southern Democrats."

Grassley pointed out how the "liberal Washington Post" gave President Biden "four Pinocchios" over his claim that Georgia's new law ended voting hours early -- a claim that Biden repeated after the Post's fact check. He said that liberals' alleged false claims about Georgia's voting law have resulted in big business punishing the people of Georgia "for their political choices."

"When partisans and companies collude to ruin the livelihoods of their opponents, there's a term for that: it's economic terrorism."

Watch the video below:

California workers paid as little as $2 an hour -- and it's totally legal

According to The Fresno Bee, in the state of California where the minimum wage is $14, there are workers who are being paid as little as $2, and it's completely legal.

The program 14(c) allows companies to pay Californians with disabilities below minimum wage. According to supporters of the program, it gives employment opportunities to people who wouldn't have them otherwise. But opponents say it's exploiting workers.

"Some disability advocates are pushing to end the program: A recent proposal to hike the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour included a provision ending 14(c)," the Fresno Bee reports. "But with the proposal stalling in Congress, advocates have put forth a bill in the California Legislature to phase out the program by 2025, joining ten other states including Alaska, Oregon and Texas."

The Bee tells the story of Jackie Armstrong, 35, who is autistic. In 2009 when California's minimum wage was $8 an hour, she was paid $5 an hour for assembling boxes of prunes and dates. The rules of the program allowed her to be paid based on how productive she was compared to an average worker without a disability.

"If you are constantly treated as less than, you think of yourself as less than," said Armstrong.

"For eight decades, this practice has reinforced a false assumption that people with disabilities are less capable of full employment than people without disabilities," said Gregory Cramer, a senior legislative advocate for Disability Rights California who is sponsoring the bill. "Decades of research demonstrates that people with disabilities can, with the right support, succeed in a competitive integrated environment."

Read the full article over at The Fresno Bee.

Trump’s inner circle bristles as his own aides say he botched push to vaccinate America

As COVID-19 vaccines continue to be administered throughout the United States, supporters of former president Donald Trump have reportedly been hesitant to take the vaccine, raising questions about what Trump could have done to ease people's fears about the jab.

According to POLITICO, Trump's failure to do so is causing frustration among some of his former aides and health officials.

"If he spent the last 90 days being the voice — and taking credit because he deserved to for the vaccine — and helping get as many Americans vaccinated as he could, he would be remembered for that," said a former senior administration official speaking to POLITICO. "Honestly, I think if he was out on the road and celebrating his accomplishments and trying to get people vaccinated he wouldn't have been in the mindset that led to [Capitol riots on] January 6."

But some members of Trump's inner circle, such as Kellyanne Conway, are "bristling at the notion that he has been anything other than engaged in promoting vaccination," Politico reported.

While an effort to get Trump to speak out on the efficacy of vaccines has been ongoing, his focus has been elsewhere -- like ranting about a "rigged" 2020 election. "That wasn't how it was supposed to go, according to a dozen former officials who served in the White House or health-related federal agencies," POLITICO's Joanne Kenen and Meridith McGraw write. "They planned on Trump being the vaccine's salesman-in-chief, viewing it as a natural role for a president who cut his teeth hawking real estate and starring on TV."

Instead, Trump and former First Lady Melania got the jab in secret -- it was so secret that some of his top aides learned about it after he left office.

Read the full report over at POLITICO.

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to expel Pelosi, impeach Biden, and fire Dr. Fauci

In a recent video uploaded to social media, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tore into California Rep. Maxine Waters, saying she's going to have Waters expelled from Congress for having a history of inciting violence.

"These Democrats kicked me off of my committees, and then also these Democrats introduced a resolution to expel me and I have done absolutely nothing wrong. Well, you know what? Maxine Waters has," Greene says in the video, referring to Waters' recent comments where she said activists should "get more confrontation" if Derek Chauvin is not convicted for the murder of George Floyd. "And she's been doing it for too long, going all the way back to 1992, going out there and inciting violence, inciting riots, inciting people to cause damage, hurt other innocent people, and cause chaos and break laws and just destroy our country."

"Maxine Waters is guilty of that, so she should be expelled," Greene continued. "And so should Nancy Pelosi for backing her up. That is ridiculous. And then we're gonna impeach Biden and we need to fire [Anthony] Fauci."

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

WATCH: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell humiliated live on the air after being duped by Trump impersonator

During a 48-hour "FRANK-a-thon" event to promote the glitch-riddled launch of his new social media platform "FrankSpeech," MyPillow CEO and pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell took more than one phone call from pranksters.

Salon's Zachary Petrizzo shared two video showing Lindell fielding calls from pranksters. In one video, Lindell is led to believe that former president Donald Trump is calling in to the event.

"Well, we have the President here, our real president, everyone," Lindell says excitedly. "Hello, Mr. President."

But Lindell's excitement quickly turned sour as "the President" on the other line let out a stream of profanities, prompting Lindell to scramble to end the call.


Slur-shouting man tries to run over group of Black children after playground argument: police

A Massachusetts man has been charged with assault and battery and four counts each of assault with a dangerous weapon, a civil rights violation, and assault with the intent to intimidate based on race after he allegedly tried to run over a group of Black children in the wake of a "racially charged" playground fight with a group of white children, KIRO7 reports.

Police responded to the incident on April 10, when someone called 9-11 saying Shane Belleville, 36, tried to run over him and a group of friends.

"I was extremely dismayed to learn the details of this incident, from the children being racially divisive toward each other to the abhorrent behavior and alleged hate crimes committed by the suspect in this case," Holbrook police Chief William Smith said in a statement. "This type of behavior has no place in our community, and I am calling for our community members in Holbrook to come together to recognize the gravity of what took place in our town."

Police say the incident began that afternoon with an argument between two children, ages 7 and 8, on a school playground.

"The incident escalated, with racial epithets being used, and the altercation became physical, though no serious injuries were reported," police officials said. "At one point, one of the juveniles called a relative and asked a man, later identified as Belleville, to come assist them."

Belleville reportedly arrived after the dispute settled down. When a group of Black children were leaving the scene, he allegedly drove his truck onto the paved path and confronted them, resulting in shouting match where a teenage girl allegedly spat on him, prompting to retaliate by slapping her in the face. He then allegedly got back in his truck and drove in reverse towards the group, spewing racial epithets in the process.

He was arrested five days later. He was later released from jail after posting $750 bail.

Bill Barr and Amy Coney Barrett score book deals as other ex-Trump figures struggle to get published

Former Trump administration Attorney General William Barr, who later fell out with Trump for disagreeing with his voter fraud conspiracy theories, recently closed a book deal. Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Trump's final pick for the Supreme Court, nailed an "eye-raising" $2 million advance for her book on how judges are supposed to remain unbiased.

According to POLITICO, it's not clear yet what Barr will cover, but his book comes amidst a sea of Democrats disdainful of Trump who seem to be favored by publishers.

"I think [publishers] try to draw a line between those who are operating in reality or got off the train before it crashed and those who are living in Trump-world in an alternative reality, and for New York book publishing, which is a super woke environment for things like that. It's going to be tough to publish a lot of Trump administration officials," one publishing insider told POLITICO.

One example is former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro, whose initial attempts to sell a book was rebuffed by publishers.

"Navarro was seen as a kook before this, so it's not as if Peter Navarro would have an easy time selling a book prior to the administration," said another publishing source.

Interest from publishers for a potential book by Jared Kushner also seem mixed.

"In terms of trying to figure out his audience, I don't think he has a lot of credibility with the MAGA audience, which is where you need these books to sell like hot cakes and then trying to publish it as liberal torture porn is not going to work either," a source told POLITICO.

"There will only be a few more big books from the administration that succeed," said another publishing industry source. "I think Trump is fading much quicker from the national consciousness than people were banking on."

Read the full report over at POLITICO.

BUSTED: Mike Pompeo caught abusing taxpayer-funded resources

A government watchdog has found that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo improperly used taxpayer-funded resources when he and his wife, Susan, asked State Department employees to carry out tasks for the couple's own personal benefit, POLITICO reports.

"By digging through emails and other documents and interviewing staff members, investigators uncovered scores of instances in which Mike or Susan Pompeo asked State Department staffers to handle tasks of a personal nature, from booking salon appointments and private dinner reservations to picking up their dog and arranging tours for the Pompeos' political allies," POLITICO's Nahal Toosi writes. "Employees told investigators that they viewed the requests from Susan Pompeo, who was not on the federal payroll, as being backed by the secretary."

Speaking to investigators, Pompeo insisted the tasks were small and inconsequential, but the inspector general's office says the investigation said the ethics rules governing such interactions are clear and make no exception, regardless of how small the task is.

Read the full report over at POLITICO.

California woman who killed her three children: 'I did it to protect them'

A California woman who's suspected in the killings of her three children gave an interview to KGET this Friday, saying that she drowned her children in order to protect them from their father who she claims was abusive.

"I drowned them," she said in the interview which took place at the Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility in Kern County.

"I did it as softly, I don't know how to explain it, but I hugged them and I kissed them and I was apologizing the whole time," she said. "I loved my kids."

The children's father, Erik Denton, said in court papers filed earlier this year that Carrillo was increasingly delusional and that the children were in danger when with their mother.

"I wish my kids were alive, yes," she said. "Do I wish that I didn't have to do that? Yes. But I prefer them not being tortured and abused on a regular basis for the rest of their lives."'

Watch the full interview below:

Ohio man with semi-auto rifle and gas mask arrested in Times Square: report

An Ohio man has been arrested after he was found with an unloaded semi-automatic gun, ammunition and a gas mask in a bag, according to News 4.

The man was apprehended by officers at the subway station in New York City's Times Square this Friday.

The man was spotted by law enforcement as he took the unloaded weapon out of his bag and placed it on the ground. He was taken into custody after being questioned by the officers. Officers later found that he had a loaded magazine clip in his bag.

Speaking to authorities the man said he was from Ohio and claimed it was legal for him to have the weapon.

Russia blacklists Merrick Garland and Chris Wray as Putin responds to Biden: report

This Friday, the Kremlin announced that it will be expelling 10 U.S. diplomats while blacklisting eight current and former U.S. officials including Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher A. Wray, Susan Rice and John Bolton, The Washington Post reports. The move comes as a response to increased sanctions leveled at Russia by the Biden administration over its attacks on the 2020 U.S. election.

While Russia's response will likely escalate tensions between Putin and the U.S., the Kremlin also signaled willingness to consider a summit between President Vladimir Putin and President Biden, according to the Post.

"The Foreign Ministry released the list of people banned from entry into Russia including Rice, a former ambassador the United Nations and now head of the Domestic Policy Council, and Bolton, who was dismissed as national security adviser by then president Donald Trump in 2019," the Post's Robyn Dixon writes. "Others included Attorney General Merrick Garland, director of U.S. National Intelligence, the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the Homeland Security chief after earlier U.S. sanctions on Russian officials in similar posts. R. James Woolsey, former CIA director, was also named."

Read the full report over at The Washington Post.

Neighbors call 911 on Black North Carolina teen who was performing ROTC exercises

A Black teenager who was practicing his ROTC routine with a replica rifle in North Carolina received a shock when he learned neighbors had called the police on him, WXII reports.

Jathan Walthour was practicing his routine on Tuesday night when neighbors dialed 9-11. One call that was released shows someone reporting that a man was outside with a gun and "walking up and down our cul-de-sac."

Walthour says his training from a community program called "Police Explorers" gave him the tools to respond properly when police arrived.

"I placed the gun down on the ground and walked away from it," he said. "And I kept my hands visible, away from my pockets and things because the officers recommend you keep your hands where the officers can see you."

WXII reports that Walthour's family is considering making fliers to let neighbors know he's is in ROTC and not a threat.

Watch WXII's report on the story below:

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