I'm sitting in what Jesse affectionately terms the "Fuck" panel, and if I'm not mistaken, Lee Papa (aka Rude Pundit) is the only one on the panel who hasn't sworn - and this is a panel that includes Kevin Drum.

Update: That didn't last much longer. Atrios says (extreme paraphrase) that, rather than worrying that snark and vulgarity will allow the right to shut down discourse, we should recognize that the right has already shut down the discourse and snark and vulgarity are a useful tool to shine a light on that fact. I would add that vulgarity isn't just the light but the jackhammer - the right has built a bulwark of insensateness, and vulgarity and snark seem to be the only things which reliably break that down, even on a temporary basis. The reaction from righty bloggers when a progressive fails to live up to their fake idea of civility reveals that the bulwark is really a facade - the strong ideological defense they've built up is vital, since whenever it drops we see clearly that they don't actually have an ideology.