Sometimes, we CAN have nice things

Such as this video, which wins forever.

Suarez to FIFA: In your FACE! FIFA to Suarez: Shrug


Suarez gets ready for a flying elbow drop to sportsmanship

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There is literally nothing about Sarah Palin that's genuine

Sarah Palin's FOX News career was set to start with a bang:

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Call your congressperson

Especially if he or she is on this list, and tell them to vote no on Stupak.

We may have to lower the cost of med school

At least, that's the conclusion I draw from this article by Ezra, which shows that we pay American doctors way too fucking much. I knew that already, but as Ezra says, you don't usually see prices written down during the health-care debate. And now that I have...well, damn. Are American doctors so personable that they're worth ten times as much as doctors in Spain?

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In a just world, Rep. Grayson would be a dime a dozen. As it is, well...

...he's a fucking genius and populist hero on the scale of Joe Hill. Relative to the times, naturally.

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It's time to put the insurance companies out of their misery


If I were on trial for robbing a house, the last thing in the world I would do is give a series of public lectures on cat burglary techniques. "I'm completely innocent," I'd say, as the sample lock clicked open. "I've lived a clean life. Any questions about the order in which to rifle dresser drawers?"

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Get Well Soon, Charlie Davies

Obviously we've been dark for a while, and I hate to reawaken this with such bad news, but Charlie Davies, US and Sochaux forward, was injured in a car accident today. Grant Wahl tweets that he's likely to require 6-12 months to recover, and that his future in competitive soccer is in doubt. There was a death in the accident - Davies was a passenger - and our thoughts have to be with that victim and her family, as well as Davies and his.

It's almost as if I dusted off an earlier half-post and shoved it into the frame of current events

It's not that I get blocked, really, so much as I don't always take the time to apply the correct kind of thought to this or that article or blog post to decide whether I can sustain enough opinion to write a blog post about it.

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Meet your investigative team that must be smoking, crack investigative team


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Random observation that may or may not mean anything

By my count, there have been only three draws in the Premier League so far this season, out of approximately 47 matches.

Some guys from London v. Manchester United

Notwithstanding the new guy's jumping the gun, this is the real liveblog for the Spurs-United match. [A] is Auguste, and [AM] is Ape Man, our new Spurs supporter. Except when we forget to label ourselves, and then you'll just have to use context.

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And I'm humble as hell, too

I flatter myself that I'd laugh as heartily at this story if it were a United player saying it, and lord knows Drogba's earned some bragging rights so far this season, but oh my:

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