Glenn Reynolds actually finds a school shooting where more guns in school wouldn't help. Two things about me: first, I believe that people do have the individual right to keep and bear arms. Second, I think the idea of having armed teachers in schools is right up there with the idea of having No Red Light Tuesdays in downtown Manhattan.

But then Glenn, after a brief moment of non-killing-foreigners sanity, lapses into this:

I don't really think, though, that "because teenage boys are stupid" is much of an explanation. Are they that much stupider than they were 50 years ago, when guns were more plentiful in high schools, but shootings were much less so? Or is it something in the culture or in the media?

Were guns really more plentiful in schools in the 1950s? My mom went to school in the 60s and doesn't remember guns in her school. My grandmother was a child of the Depression, and doesn't remember armed kids strolling through halls between Math and English, or teachers with pieces in their desks. Perhaps this is just the selection bias of my family's schools, though - any readers out there with anecdotal evidence of gatted-up elementary and secondary educational instutions in the days of Truman and Eisenhower?