Three Five* points about the United win over Birmingham this morning:

1) I'm getting a fucking DVR. 5:30 kickoff equals another Auguste misery.

2) United Derangement Syndrome. The comments on this YouTube video of Rooney's entertaining goal center around whether he was offside or not. I'd like to think that the argument is based on an ignorance of the offside rule. I'd like to think that, but I can't.

[youtube expand=1]

Oh, I know it (hating, that is) happens to everyone. But seriously, I'm not entirely sure anyone's ever been more onside than Wayne Rooney was on that goal.

3) NANI. He needs some consistency, but his entire outlook seems improved and Fergie reckons he's feeling the benefit of being out of Ronaldo's shadow. One way to look at CR's departure, for sure. Hopefully his shoulder won't continue to nag.

4) A bold prediction about Michael Owen. He will, this year, appear on a scoresheet.

5) Birmingham looks relatively good. I'd call them perennial underachievers, but I know that would offend our resident anti-Big Four police. So maybe I'll remain true to stereotype and say that the Blues looked as good as can be expected against mighty Man United. Pompey should be an easier bet for them next week.


* A la Kingpin: Only three points for a win? That's for Quakers!