Down 1-0 just before the half, surely Michael Carrick isn't the best penalty kick option a championship team has. Is he? Reactions from anyone who saw the game are welcome. Here's what's being bandied about online.

The Guardian:

Sir Alex Ferguson's team were shockingly bad, with Michael Owen's body language saying everything as he was substituted after 63 minutes of personal misery, though it would be unfair to dwell too much on United's shortcomings if it deflects any of the praise away from Burnley.


United looked disjointed and sluggish against Burnley. They weren't terrible, but each pass seemed to take a split second longer than it should have, and more often than not was half a yard short or wide of its target.

Bleacher Report:

The entire second half was played in the Burnley end, but United couldn't find the golden touch to get them level, which would have been all they'd need to get them a second. Instead, United looked like the team they are, one with new faces and players who haven't played nearly enough together to put forth a real team effort.