imageSuppose I told you that Trig Palin was akin to a pipe. No matter how you try to patch him up, he was manufactured with a crippling defect that's always going to leave him unable to function properly. Like that pipe, the best solution is to just cut your losses, get rid of him, and get a new pipe that actually works.

If it sounds monstrous when I say it, how come it's okay when the people who oppose "death panels" say it?

While we will pay several hundred bucks out of our own pockets to have a plumber come repair a leaky pipe, we'll balk at deductibles and a $50 co-pay for a doctor's visit. We've been schooled in this attitude by politicians who have mandated that health insurance do things that we'd never expect from other kinds of insurance, and by consumer advocates who will demand our legislators do something about a health insurance company that doesn't cover some optional procedure that has nothing to do with life and death.

I cannot state it any more simply that this: I am a person. I am not a thing. Any health insurance system which treats a doctor's office like Home Depot is inhumane. Also, Trig Palin deserves to live. The end.