Wednesday night, we went to see one of those great bands you think that you'll never get to see, but indeed they're still together. It was amazing, so they kick off the Friday Genius Ten. Leave yours in comments.

Original song: "Horse Pills" by the Dandy Warhols

1) "The Body Says No"---The New Pornographers

2) "Don't Ask Me To Explain"---Of Montreal

3) "Fake ID"---The Go! Team

4) "Break My Body"---The Pixies

5) "The First Vietnamese War"---The Black Angels

6) "Drama Queen"---Switches

7) "Soul Suckin' Jerk"---Beck

8) "Up On The Sun"---The Meat Puppets

9) "Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away"---Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah

10) "These Fangs"---Say Hi To Your Mom

Videos and cat pics under the fold.

For days after we had my birthday party, Dusty pouted and didn't come out much. She finally forgave us. Here's a picture of her making it up to Marc.

My birthday present was a super-soft robe. Thus, it was just a matter of time before a cat discovered it. Molly was first.

I'm going to get a hook for it so that they don't completely own it.