This isn’t the Fulham Clint Dempsey we’re seeing in the Red, White, and Swoosh.

The Fulham Clint doesn’t do silly tricks, dribbles, passes etc for the sake of doing silly tricks, dribbles, passes etc — especially ones that lead to fast breaks and goals.

The Fulham Clint also appears to hustle, enjoy his teammates, and argue with opposing players...

His body language is reminding me of Craig Bellamy in a Wales Shirt, or Juan Román Riquelme in an Argentina kit. Its the inexplicable “I’m beyond this” gait and aura.

Statistically Clint is better with the Yanks (13 goals in 50 caps versus 14 goals in 81 appearances) than with Fulham. But there still seems to be a difference in favor of the Fulham version.

Maybe with the Nats he is releasing his inner self, a self that is presumably quelled under the schoolmaster Roy. Or maybe he just has respect for and of his peers with the Whites and not the Nats.

That was written by a Fulham blogger during the Gold Cup. But it holds true for the match last night, too, and far too many national team matches (although certainly not all of them; he looked fine v. El Salvador.) But last night was a disaster, at least until he moved up front towards the end.