Adorable bunnies speaking for an important cause.

Tell the FDA to Act on Emergency Contraception from Center for Reproductive Rights on Vimeo.

Today, it's been a year since the FDA was ordered to revisit its policy of requiring women to ask for OTC emergency contraception from a pharmacist, so they could provide ID. There is no scientific reason for this, because EC is quite safe. The only reason is punitive towards sexually active adolescents. Well, whatever you think of teenagers under 17 having sex, I think we should agree that unintended pregnancy shouldn't be the punishment.

As for the rest of us, this continued stigmatization of emergency contraception has serious ramifications. Even though it's the same thing as the birth control pill, there's a social stigma attached to any kind of birth control that happens after a man has done his part, probably because said forms of birth control seem emasculating. I wish I could laugh, but the stigma runs deep. Laws like this, which make you take the walk of shame to get EC, are part of the reason. They stigmatize the idea of self-care for women. They make women feel guilty for wanting to avoid the hassle of unintended pregnancy. They subject women who use post-coital birth control to an extra level of shaming from mostly male authority.

So take some action and demand the FDA stop requiring women to ask their pharmacist for EC.