As you might know, Phyllis Schlafly said that 70% of unmarried women voted for Obama because they kicked their husbands out and needed big government welfare. She later refined that comment to unmarried moms, because as everyone knows, an unmarried woman past the age of 18 just gushes out babies until a man comes and puts a cap over her vagina.

Schlafly has been rightly and roundly condemned for declaring that single women are depraved, money-grubbing whores. Well, except by Robert Stacy McCain, who comes up with a novel defense: one part of what she said was true!

This is what we in the journalism business call a “fact”:

[Image of CNN exit poll showing that 74% of unmarried women voted for Obama.]

Those numbers are from an exit poll conducted by a notorious right-wing extremist group — CNN — and Schlafly’s explanation of why single women vote overwhelmingly for Democrats is neither new nor “extreme” nor uniquely hers. Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women’s Forum in National Review, April 10:

Take a recent report entitled “Advancing the Economic Security of Unmarried Women” by the Center for American Progress, the “progressive” nonprofit run by Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff John Podesta. The report reviews the problems of a growing segment of our society: unmarried women. They are poorer, more likely than other women to be unemployed, have less access to health care, and often struggle to care for children without support from fathers.

What’s CAP’s solution? More government at every turn. Among the recommended proposals are more generous unemployment benefits, more job-training and job-placement programs, greater subsidies for child care, more generous child-nutrition programs, direct welfare payments for those with children, government intervention to prevent foreclosures, expanded low-income-housing programs, an increased minimum wage, government intervention to increase the pay of occupations dominated by women, mandatory paid family and sick leave, and, of course, government-provided health care. In other words, complete cradle-to-grave, taxpayer-provided government support.

It’s tempting to call this paper sexist: Women — especially unmarried women — are portrayed as barely able to subsist without extra protection. One could also ruminate on CAP’s view of family formation, which seems willing to substitute a dependent relationship on the government for marriage. A woman without a man is encouraged to depend on Uncle Sam.

One might disagree with that analysis, but it is hardly “extreme"[.]

We now have a new standard of truth, ladies and gentlemen. If you have one factual statement in your insane rant, the whole thing is true. If you can find someone else parroting that same insanity, it's basically like saying the sky is blue.

As such, I give you the following fact: Robert Stacy McCain has a website. Best completely truthful conclusions get added to the post.