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Today's news in wingnut failure is double the fun. A lot of us in netroots land were annoyed yet again at wingnut leechiness when it was revealed that the teabaggers were going to have a big Las July....ending right before Netroots Nation began. Well, more amused than annoyed that they're so bereft of ideas beyond just liberal-hating that they can't even muster the dignity required not to ride on our coattails for even this. Perhaps we should coin a word to describe the peculiar mix of amusement and pity that wingnuts often inspire in liberals.

But the whole situation just went to a whole new level of stupid when the teabagger convention in Las Vegas had to be canceled due to lack of interest. As you'll see in the video above, there were many excuses on offer---the convention conflicted with family vacations, and Las Vegas is, get this, too hot. Who knew that it was hot in the desert in the summer? The organizers claim they're simply postponing the convention. We'll see. I feel that anyone who can't get a bunch of retirees to spend time in Vegas is basically out of options.

As for Netroots Nation, I have to point out that it's going to be a super fun convention this year. Not only is it at the Rio in Vegas, and not only are some super great people going to be there, but Jesse and I have organized a panel for Saturday that's going to be a blast: Bringing the Snark after Winning Elections. I've assembled a group of folks who make me laugh and asked them to come talk about their experiences making fun of all sorts of wingnuts: Roy Edroso, Brad and Damon from Sadly, No!, Sady Doyle, and of course Jesse Taylor. We're going to talk about trying to bring the funny in light of this shift of power away from conservatives and towards liberals. So, come out to Vegas! Play craps and come to our panel stocked with very funny people.