Activists on thwarted boat seeking to defy Israel's Gaza blockade say soldiers acted harshly

Jewish activists who sought to defy Israel's naval blockade of Gaza say they were treated harshly when soldiers seized their vessel.

Itamar Shapira said Wednesday that his brother, Yonatan, a former Israeli air force pilot, was shocked with a Taser gun while passively resisting arrest by sitting down and embracing another passenger. Shapira said the 67-year-old boat captain was knocked over.

Israel's military had said the vessel was seized peacefully Tuesday. It did not comment on Shapira's report.

Three of the four foreign nationals aboard have been deported.

Israel imposed the blockade after the militant Islamic group Hamas took power of Gaza in 2007.

In May, Israeli commandos raided a Turkish-led flotilla and killed nine pro-Palestinian activists. Both sides say they acted in self-defense.

Source: AP News

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