West Virginia Governor and Democratic Senate candidate Joe Manchin was for healthcare reform before he was against it. Or is against it before he was for it. Or is just against it.

Manchin told Fox News Monday that if the health care reform bill cannot be fixed, then the whole thing should be repealed -- only he's previously said he would have voted for the bill.

Manchin, who appeared on Fox & Friends Monday, claimed he "has always" supported health care reform, but does not support the newly passed health care laws.

"The President's plan - or Obamacare as it's been called - is far too reaching, it's overreaching," Manchin said.

"It needs to have a lot of it repealed. But you could fix it. If you can't fix that, repeal the whole thing. But if you can fix it, the Democrats and Republicans agree on about six or seven items, that's a pretty good darn start."

In an ad released on YouTube Friday, Manchin says that if he is elected, he will repeal the "bad parts of Obamacare."

"Effectively, your race for Senate has become a referendum on Barack Obama," Steve Doocy told Machin. "And, right now, you're not doing so well."

Manchin is six points behind his Republican rival, John Raese, according to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll.

Republicans recently attacked Manchin's ties to Obama in a television ad.

"We better keep Joe Manchin right here in West Virginia," said one man in the ad. "It's the only way we're gonna stop Obama."

The ad was later pulled after it was revealed the National Republican Senatorial Committee sought actors with a "hicky, blue collar" look.

Raese claims that his campaign had nothing to do with the "ridiculous" ad.

This video appeared on Fox News Oct. 11, 2010.