In Glenn Beck's world, most of the venom and violence in politics comes from liberals.

"You look at some of the stuff that is happening with the election and the way [progressives] are -- it's so dirty," Beck told Fox News Don Imus.

"They accuse me of inciting violence," Beck noted. "You've got to be kidding me."

The Fox News host may have been referring to a California shooter who saw Beck as his "school teacher." The shooter had plans to attack the Tides Foundation which is a favorite target for Beck.

"There's two pieces of video I saw today," Beck continued. There's a rock-throwing incident and another guy from that is choking a person on videotape and just saying, 'I hate you. I hate you.'"

Over the weekend, supporter Fred Highton put his hands on the throat of Tea Party activist James Massee at the first debate between Democrat Gabrielle Giffords and Republican Jesse Kelly. Highton later told the Daily Caller that he needed to "learn some self-control."

"It's this dirty progressive 'we know better.' John Kerry said it yesterday that Rush Limbaugh and I are hypnotizing everybody and stirring everybody up without any kind of intelligence at all," Beck explained.

"But the dirty stuff is on both sides. You would agree with that?" Imus asked Beck.

"Yes, I would. I don't think it's as hate-filled as some of the people on the left," Beck shrugged.

"Well, of course you wouldn't think that. It is of course. So... I mean, it's pretty much a jump ball," Imus said.

Beck seemed to be ignoring a recent incident where a man affiliated with Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul (R-KY) stomped on the head of a supporter.

One Paul supporter is seen in video taken by Fox News channel 41 pushing activist Lauren Valle to the ground. Tim Profitt, another Paul supporter, then is seen stomping on Valle's head and shoulder. She received a concussion and a sprain as a result of the altercation.

The Paul campaign condemned the attack but the next day the candidate downplayed it as "jockeying" and a "crowd control problem."

That same day, a full-page newspaper ad placed by the Paul campaign prominently displayed Profitt's name as one of the candidate's supporters.

This video is from Fox Business Network's Imus in the Morning, broadcast Nov. 1, 2010.