Michael Steele's tenure as chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) has not been an easy one, for him or fellow Republicans.

But Wednesday night it took an unexpectedly hilarious turn when, mocking Steele's decision to seek reelection, satirist newsman Jon Stewart hosted an exclusive interview with the chairman's puppet counterpart.

Steele claimed last week that he's been a different kind of RNC chairman because he's "much more of a street guy."

Stewart's take: "You live in an affluent suburb in Maryland. The only street you remind people of is Sesame Street."

"It was a tumultuous political tenure, filled with classic political missteps," Stewart continued. "Like saying Afghanistan is Obama's war of choice, getting in a public battle with GOP stalwart Rush Limbaugh, and spending tens of thousand of dollars of GOP funds on limos, fancy hotels, and bar tabs at lesbian bondage themed clubs, leaving the party light in the coffers."

Republican strategist Ed Rollins said in August that Steele "failed miserably" as chairman of the RNC and was a "disaster."

In July, Sen. John McCain and other Republicans questioned whether Steele was fit to lead the RNC after he was caught on tape saying that the Afghan war was a "war of Obama's choosing" and probably a "lost cause."

Although many speculated that Steele would not seek re-election as RNC chairman, on Monday he declared he had no intention of stepping aside.

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