The United States Department of Homeland Security is one of the top five liberal hate groups of 2010, according to Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips.

Phillips said the federal department, which was created in response to the September 11 attacks by former President George W. Bush, is a "bad joke."

"DHS will not enforce border security," Phillips wrote on the Tea Party Nation website. "It makes Americans go through a joke of a security system when they want to fly. It invades their privacy while not going after terrorists."

"And then of course, there is the infamous report where DHS ignored pressing issues like illegal immigration and Islamic terror to put out a report warning about terror from 'right wing extremists,'" he continued. "The DHS Clown in Chief, Janet Napolitano borrowed a page from the Clinton administration to try and demonize conservatives with this idiotic report."

The Office of Intelligence and Analysis released a report in April of 2009 that stated there was "no specific information that domestic rightwing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence," but warned law enforcement agencies that the economic recession, coupled with the recent election of the first African-American President of the United States, was driving white supremacists' and violent anti-government groups' recruitment.

Conservatives such as blogger Michelle Malkin and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed the report, saying it proved an anti-conservative bias in the Obama administration.

The Office of Intelligence and Analysis released a similar report on leftwing extremism in January of 2009, which warned that cyber attacks on economic targets and critical infrastructure was an attractive option to leftwing radicals.

Phillips also noted that Tea Party activists were monitored by Pennsylvania's Office of Homeland Security for terror threats.

In September, it was revealed that an intelligence company hired by the state's Homeland Security office monitored members of the Tea Party, Students for a Democratic Society, anti-drilling groups, anti-war activists, and other political groups.

"And for that, the Department of Homeland Security is our number two liberal hate group," Phillips said.

He labeled the Southern Poverty Law Center as the number one "liberal hate group," with the American Civil Liberties Union coming in third place. The Service Employees International Union took fourth place and the National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People came in fifth.

Phillips came under fire in November after saying that it "makes a lot of sense" to deny voting rights to US citizens who do not own land.