With just under a week to go until Kate Middleton and Prince William wed, news of the royal nuptials is inescapable. The dress, the (lack of) the ring, the guests, the security — it's all getting coverage. Here's one surprising piece of royal-wedding-related news, however: Only six percent of Americans really care about it.

Results from a new New York Times/CBS News poll showed that six percent of respondents are following news of the wedding "very closely," with an additional 22 percent admitting to following the media blitz "somewhat closely."

Unsurprisingly, more women than men are interested in the wedding, and older women are the largest group that plans to wake up early next Friday to watch the ceremony.

Mary Nygard told the Times that she would be hosting 27 other women for a wedding-watching party next week.

“We’re going to wear special hats, and some of us will wear tiaras,” Nygaard said. “It’s going to be so much fun.”

The U.S. media has alternated between obsessive coverage and negative opinion about the saturation. For example, MSNBC has aired details about the minutiae of the royal wedding, and released an iPad app for the event, while host Lawrence O'Donnell recently went on a tirade against the wedding.